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Shuter, B. Co Author Listing * Segmentation of Kidney Cortex in MRI Studies using a Constrained Morphological 3D H-maxima Transform
* Set-based Hybrid Approach (SHA) for MRI Segmentation, A

Shutin, D. Co Author Listing * Consensus Based Distributed Sparse Bayesian Learning by Fast Marginal Likelihood Maximization

Shutler, J. Co Author Listing * ESA FELYX High Resolution Diagnostic Data Set System Design and Implementation, The
* Sensitivity of Modeled CO2 Air-Sea Flux in a Coastal Environment to Surface Temperature Gradients, Surfactants, and Satellite Data Assimilation
Includes: Shutler, J. Shutler, J.[Jamie]

Shutler, J.D. Co Author Listing * Analysis of a human extraction system for deploying gait biometrics
* Correction of Sensor Saturation Effects in MODIS Oceanic Particulate Inorganic Carbon
* Statistical Modeling Framework for Characterising Uncertainty in Large Datasets: Application to Ocean Colour, A
* Tracking Fine-Scale Structural Changes in Coastal Dune Morphology Using Kite Aerial Photography and Uncertainty-Assessed Structure-from-Motion Photogrammetry
* Zernike Velocity Moments for Description and Recognition of Moving Shapes
* Zernike velocity moments for sequence-based description of moving features
Includes: Shutler, J.D. Shutler, J.D.[Jamie D.]

Shutoy, H.Y.[Hoi Yin] Co Author Listing * Cooperative Source and Channel Coding for Wireless Video Transmission

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