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Shmaglit, A. Co Author Listing * Autonomous Vehicle Control and Obstacle Avoidance Concepts Oriented to Meet the Challenging Requirements of Realistic Missions

Shmaliy, Y.S. Co Author Listing * Accurate and Reliable Human Localization Using Composite Particle/FIR Filtering
* Fast Computation of Discrete Optimal FIR Estimates in White Gaussian Noise
* Novel H_2 Approach to FIR Prediction Under Disturbances and Measurement Errors, A
* On the Iterative Computation of Error Matrix in Unbiased FIR Filtering
* Optimal and Unbiased Filtering With Colored Process Noise Using State Differencing
* Robust q-LAG Unbiased FIR Smoother for LTV Systems and Recursive Forms
* unbiased p-step predictive FIR filter for a class of noise-free discrete-time models with independently observed states, An
* Unified Maximum Likelihood Form for Bias Constrained FIR Filters
Includes: Shmaliy, Y.S. Shmaliy, Y.S.[Yuriy S.]
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Shmatikov, V. Co Author Listing * Can we still avoid automatic face detection?

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