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Shau, R. Co Author Listing * Interferometric Processing of Sentinel-1 TOPS Data

Shau, Y.W.[Yio Wha] Co Author Listing * Muscle injury determination by image segmentation
Includes: Shau, Y.W.[Yio Wha] Shau, Y.W.[Yio-Wha]

Shaukat, A.[Arslan] Co Author Listing * Automated glaucoma detection using retinal layers segmentation and optic cup-to-disc ratio in optical coherence tomography images
* Automatic Urdu Speech Recognition using Hidden Markov Model
* Characterizing Driver Intention via Hierarchical Perception-Action Modeling
* Improved automated detection of glaucoma by correlating fundus and SD-OCT image analysis
* Meeting in the Middle: A top-down and bottom-up approach to detect pedestrians
* Scale and Rotation Invariant Texture Classification Using Covariate Shift Methodology
Includes: Shaukat, A.[Arslan] Shaukat, A. Shaukat, A.[Affan]

Shaul, N.[Nir] Co Author Listing * Tomography of Turbulence Strength Based on Scintillation Imaging

Shaul, R.[Roy] Co Author Listing * EFI-Net: Video Frame Interpolation from Fusion of Events and Frames

Shaus, A.[Arie] Co Author Listing * Binarization of First Temple Period Inscriptions: Performance of Existing Algorithms and a New Registration Based Scheme
* Chan-Vese Revisited: Relation to Otsu's Method and a Parameter-Free Non-PDE Solution via Morphological Framework

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