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Seyed Mousavi, H. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Transform Domain Image Super-Resolution via Orthogonally Regularized Deep Networks

Seyed Rezai, H. Co Author Listing * Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (INSAR) Technology and Geomorphology Interpretation

Seyed, T. Co Author Listing * Exploring 3D volumetric medical data using mobile devices

Seyedabrishami, S.[Seyedehsan] Co Author Listing * Novel Method for Extracting and Analyzing the Geometry Properties of the Shortest Pedestrian Paths Focusing on Open Geospatial Data, A

Seyedalizadeh, N. Co Author Listing * Spatio-statistical Modeling of Human Brucellosis Using Environmental Parameters: a Case Study of Northern Iran

Seyedarabi, H.[Hadi] Co Author Listing * Combination of high-level features with low-level features for detection of pedestrian
* Combined KPCA and SVM Method for Basic Emotional Expressions Recognition, A
* Facial Expressions Recognition in a Single Static as well as Dynamic Facial Images Using Tracking and Probabilistic Neural Networks
* Fusing the information in visible light and near-infrared images for iris recognition
* Improvement of angular velocity and position estimation in gyro-free inertial navigation based on vision aid equipment

Seyedebrahim, M. Co Author Listing * Non-local means denoising based on SVD basis images

Seyedebrahimi, M. Co Author Listing * Model and Performance of a No-Reference Quality Assessment Metric for Video Streaming

Seyedhosseini, M.[Mojtaba] Co Author Listing * Disjunctive normal random forests
* Image Parsing with a Three-State Series Neural Network Classifier
* Image Segmentation Using Hierarchical Merge Tree
* Image Segmentation with Cascaded Hierarchical Models and Logistic Disjunctive Normal Networks
* Multi-Class Multi-Scale Series Contextual Model for Image Segmentation
* Nonlinear Regression with Logistic Product Basis Networks
* Semantic Image Segmentation with Contextual Hierarchical Models
* Watershed merge forest classification for electron microscopy image stack segmentation
* Watershed merge tree classification for electron microscopy image segmentation
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Seyedi, A. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Target Localization With Ideal Binary Detectors via Likelihood Function Smoothing
* On Localization of A Non-Cooperative Target with Non-Coherent Binary Detectors

Seyedi, S.A.[Seyed Amjad] Co Author Listing * Self-supervised semi-supervised nonnegative matrix factorization for data clustering

Seyedi, Y. Co Author Listing * Slow Adaptive Power Control and Outage Avoidance in Composite Fading Wireless Channels

Seyedin, H.[Hesam] Co Author Listing * systematic review on the effectiveness of thermography in diagnosis of diseases, A

Seyedin, S.A. Co Author Listing * Joint image registration and super-resolution based on combinational coefficient matrix
* Joint Image Registration and Superresolution Method Using a Combinational Continuous Generative Model, A
* Procrustes-based shape prior for parametric active contours
Includes: Seyedin, S.A. Seyedin, S.A.[Seyed Alireza]

Seyednasrollah, B.[Bijan] Co Author Listing * Data extraction from digital repeat photography using xROI: An interactive framework to facilitate the process

Seyedyazdi, M. Co Author Listing * Combined Driver-Station Interactive Algorithm for a Maximum Mutual Interest in Charging Market, A

Seyerlehner, K.[Klaus] Co Author Listing * Content-Based Video Description for Automatic Video Genre Categorization

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