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Satzoda, R.K.[Ravi Kumar] Co Author Listing * Better, Faster Small Hazard Detection: Instance-Aware Techniques, Metrics and Benchmarking
* Block-Based Search Space Reduction Technique for Face Detection Using Shoulder and Head Curves
* Compute-Efficient Algorithm for Robust Eyebrow Detection, A
* Drive Analysis Using Vehicle Dynamics and Vision-Based Lane Semantics
* Efficient Lane and Vehicle Detection with Integrated Synergies (ELVIS)
* Embedded Computing Framework for Vision-Based Real-Time Surround Threat Analysis and Driver Assistance
* Exploiting Inherent Parallelisms for Accelerating Linear Hough Transform
* Gradient angle histograms for efficient linear hough transform
* Identifying epileptic seizures based on a template-based eyeball detection technique
* Looking at Vehicles in the Night: Detection and Dynamics of Rear Lights
* Low Area-time Complexity Averaging Scheme for Thumbnail Generation
* Multipart Vehicle Detection Using Symmetry-Derived Analysis and Active Learning
* On Enhancing Lane Estimation Using Contextual Cues
* On Performance Evaluation Metrics for Lane Estimation
* Parallelizing the Hough Transform Computation
* Towards Automated Understanding of Student-Tutor Interactions Using Visual Deictic Gestures
* Towards Semantic Understanding of Surrounding Vehicular Maneuvers: A Panoramic Vision-Based Framework for Real-World Highway Studies
* Vision-Based Lane Analysis: Exploration of Issues and Approaches for Embedded Realization
Includes: Satzoda, R.K.[Ravi Kumar] Satzoda, R.K.
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