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Rybach, D. Co Author Listing * Geometric Features for Improving Continuous Appearance-based Sign Language Recognition
* Tracking Using Dynamic Programming for Appearance-Based Sign Language Recognition
* Writer Adaptive Training and Writing Variant Model Refinement for Offline Arabic Handwriting Recognition
Includes: Rybach, D. Rybach, D.[David]

Rybak, I. Co Author Listing * Model of Attention-Guided Visual Perception and Recognition, A
* Modeling of a neural network system for active visual perception and recognition
* Modeling of some spatio-temporal aspects of visual information processing in the retinal neural network

Rybakov, G.[Georgy] Co Author Listing * Combining Camera Relascope-Measured Field Plots and Multi-Seasonal Landsat 8 Imagery for Enhancing the Forest Inventory of Boreal Forests in Central Russia

Rybansky, M. Co Author Listing * Methods For The Update And Verification of Forest Surface Model

Rybarczyk, A.[Andrzej] Co Author Listing * Real-time event classification in field sport videos

Rybarova, R. Co Author Listing * Diphone spanish text-to-speech synthesizer
* GUI for interactive speech synthesis
* Letter-To-Sound conversion for speech synthesizer
Includes: Rybarova, R. Rybarová, R. Rybárová, R.

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