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Ruda, A.[Ales] Co Author Listing * GIS-Assisted Prediction and Risk Zonation of Wildlife Attacks in the Chitwan National Park in Nepal
Includes: Ruda, A.[Ales] Ruda, A.[Aleš]

Ruda, M. Co Author Listing * Optics Assembly for Observing a Panoramic Scene
* Panoramic optics assembly having an initial flat reflective element
Includes: Ruda, M. Ruda, M.[Mitchell]

Rudak, P.[Peter] Co Author Listing * Multi-windowing technique for thresholding an image using local image properties
* Region-based image binarization system

Rudakov, N.[Nikolay] Co Author Listing * Detection of Mechanical Damages in Sawn Timber Using Convolutional Neural Networks

Rudakova, V.[Victoria] Co Author Listing * Camera Matrix Calibration Using Circular Control Points and Separate Correction of the Geometric Distortion Field
* Collaborative cameras for multi-target tracking using color based particle filter and object contour
* Precise Correction of Lateral Chromatic Aberration in Images

Rudant, J. Co Author Listing * Unmixing Polarimetric Radar Images Based on Land Cover Type Identified by Higher Resolution Optical Data Before Target Decomposition: Application to Forest and Bare Soil

Rudant, J.P. Co Author Listing * 3D zebra-crossing reconstruction from stereo rig images of a ground-based mobile mapping system
* Computer Aided Recognition of Relief Patterns on Radar Images Using a Syntax Analysis
* Dedicated Payloads for Low Altitude Remote Sensing in Natural Environments
* Detection of Linear Features in Synthetic-Aperture Radar Images by use of the Localized Radon Transform and Prior Information
* Exploring the Utility Potential of SAR Interferometric Coherence Images
* Linear features extraction in rain forest context from interferometric SAR images by fusion of coherence and amplitude information
* Mapping and Characterization of Hydrological Dynamics in a Coastal Marsh Using High Temporal Resolution Sentinel-1A Images
* Potential of Sentinel-1 Data for Monitoring Temperate Mixed Forest Phenology
* Proposed Framework To Unmix Scattering Mechanisms of Polarimetric Radar Images Using Very High Resolution Optical Images, A
* Roughness measurement from multi-stereo reconstruction
* Support Vector Machine for Multifrequency SAR Polarimetric Data Classification
Includes: Rudant, J.P. Rudant, J.P.[Jean-Paul]
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Rudari, R. Co Author Listing * Information Extraction From Remote Sensing Images for Flood Monitoring and Damage Evaluation
* Monitoring the Recovery after 2016 Hurricane Matthew in Haiti via Markovian Multitemporal Region-Based Modeling
Includes: Rudari, R. Rudari, R.[Roberto]

Rudas, J.[Jorge] Co Author Listing * Multivariate Functional Network Connectivity for Disorders of Consciousness

Rudaz, N. Co Author Listing * Dithering algorithms for variable dot size printers

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