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Roumeliotis, M.[Manos] Co Author Listing * Creative Industries and Immersive Technologies for Training, Understanding and Communication in Cultural Heritage
* Efficient algorithm for transferring a real-time HEVC stream with haptic data through the internet
* Robust Estimation of Rigid-Body 3-D Motion Parameters Based on Point Correspondences
* Software tools for analysis and visualization of the antikythera mechanism
* Total least squares 3-D motion estimation
* Video Scene Segmentation Using Spatial Contours and 3-D Robust Motion Estimation
Includes: Roumeliotis, M.[Manos] Roumeliotis, M.

Roumeliotis, S.I. Co Author Listing * Alternating-Stereo VINS: Observability Analysis and Performance Evaluation
* Consistency analysis and improvement for single-camera localization
* Direct Least-Squares (DLS) method for PnP, A
* dual-layer estimator architecture for long-term localization, A
* Efficient Algebraic Solution to the Perspective-Three-Point Problem, An
* Extrinsic Camera Calibration Using Multiple Reflections
* Optimal estimation of vanishing points in a Manhattan world
* Surface Normal Estimation of Tilted Images via Spatial Rectifier
* Two Efficient Solutions for Visual Odometry Using Directional Correspondence
Includes: Roumeliotis, S.I. Roumeliotis, S.I.[Stergios I.]
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Roumelis, G.[George] Co Author Listing * New plane-sweep algorithms for distance-based join queries in spatial databases

Roumenina, E.[Eugenia] Co Author Listing * Phenotypic Traits Estimation and Preliminary Yield Assessment in Different Phenophases of Wheat Breeding Experiment Based on UAV Multispectral Images
* Preharvest Durum Wheat Yield, Protein Content, and Protein Yield Estimation Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Imagery and Pleiades Satellite Data in Field Breeding Experiments
* Single- and Multi-Date Crop Identification Using PROBA-V 100 and 300 m S1 Products on Zlatia Test Site, Bulgaria
* Sub-Pixel Crop Type Classification Using PROBA-V 100 m NDVI Time Series and Reference Data from Sentinel-2 Classifications
* Winter Durum Wheat Disease Severity Detection with Field Spectroscopy in Phenotyping Experiment at Leaf and Canopy Level

Roumes, C. Co Author Listing * Adaptation to alterations of apparent distance in stereoscopic displays: From lab to hyperstereopsis
* Adaptive estimates of egocentric distance from vergence in telestereoscopic viewing: Von Hofsten's model revisited
* Bio-inspired image enhancement derived from a rank order coding model

Roumiguie, A.[Antoine] Co Author Listing * Validation of a Forage Production Index (FPI) Derived from MODIS fCover Time-Series Using High-Resolution Satellite Imagery: Methodology, Results and Opportunities
Includes: Roumiguie, A.[Antoine] Roumiguié, A.[Antoine]

Roumy, A. Co Author Listing * Context-Adaptive Neural Network-Based Prediction for Image Compression
* Correlation model selection for interactive video communication
* Evaluation Framework for 360-Degree Visual Content Compression with User View-Dependent Transmission
* Fine Granularity Access in Interactive Compression of 360-Degree Images Based on Rate-adaptive Channel Codes
* Gradient-Based Tone Mapping for Rate-Distortion Optimized Backward-Compatible High Dynamic Range Compression
* Hidden Markov Model for distributed video coding
* K-WEB: Nonnegative dictionary learning for sparse image representations
* Low-Complexity Single-Image Super-Resolution based on Nonnegative Neighbor Embedding
* New Regularization for Retinex Decomposition of Low-Light Images, A
* Optical-Flow Based Nonlinear Weighted Prediction for SDR and Backward Compatible HDR Video Coding
* OSLO: On-the-Sphere Learning for Omnidirectional Images and Its Application to 360-Degree Image Compression
* Prior and macro-filling order for image completion
* Rate-distortion optimization of a tone mapping with SDR quality constraint for backward-compatible high dynamic range compression
* Single-Image Super-Resolution via Linear Mapping of Interpolated Self-Examples
* Source Modeling for Distributed Video Coding
* Statistical Analysis of Inter Coding in VVC Test Model (VTM)
* Universal lossless coding with random user access: The cost of interactivity
Includes: Roumy, A. Roumy, A.[Aline]
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