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Roe Vellve, N. Co Author Listing * Super-Resolution of 3D MRI Corrupted by Heavy Noise With the Median Filter Transform
Includes: Roe Vellve, N. Roé-Vellvé, N.

Roe, E. Co Author Listing * Binarization of Color Historical Document Images Using Local Image Equalization and XDoG
* Restoring images of ancient color postcards
Includes: Roe, E. Roe, E.[Edward]

Roe, G.V.[Gene V.] Co Author Listing * Synthesis of Transportation Applications of Mobile LIDAR

Roe, K.J.[Kevin J.] Co Author Listing * Development of a GIS Methodology to Identify Oxbows and Former Stream Meanders from LiDAR-Derived Digital Elevation Models, The

Roe, M.[Meredith] Co Author Listing * How Much Shallow Coral Habitat Is There on the Great Barrier Reef?

Roe, M.D.M.[Malcolm D. M.] Co Author Listing * Generating half-tone representations

Roe, P.[Paul] Co Author Listing * Application of image processing techniques for frog call classification
* Birdcall Retrieval from Environmental Acoustic Recordings Using Image Processing
* Feature Extraction Based on Bandpass Filtering for Frog Call Classification
* Multiple-Instance Multiple-Label Learning for the Classification of Frog Calls with Acoustic Event Detection
* Novel Representation of Bioacoustic Events for Content-Based Search in Field Audio Data, A
* Timed and probabilistic automata for automatic animal Call Recognition
Includes: Roe, P.[Paul] Roe, P.

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