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Riech, M.[Marcel] Co Author Listing * Registration of NEVI in Successive Skin Images for Early Detection of Melanoma

Riechers, A.[Anke] Co Author Listing * High-Resolution Interactive Panoramas with MPEG-4

Riechert, C. Co Author Listing * Advanced interpolation filters for depth image based rendering
* Generation of multi-view video plus depth content using mixed narrow and wide baseline setup
* Multi-camera rectification using linearized trifocal tensor
* Real-time disparity estimation using line-wise hybrid recursive matching and cross-bilateral median up-sampling
* Real-time generation of multi-view video plus depth content using mixed narrow and wide baseline
* Spatio-temporal consistent depth maps from multi-view video
Includes: Riechert, C. Riechert, C.[Christian]

Rieck, B.[Bastian] Co Author Listing * Euler Characteristic Transform Based Topological Loss for Reconstructing 3D Images from Single 2D Slices
* Stable topological signatures for metric trees through graph approximations
* Visualization of Parameter Sensitivity of 2D Time-Dependent Flow

Rieck, D. Co Author Listing * Centimeter-level, Robust GNSS-aided Inertial Post-processing For Mobile Mapping Without Local Reference Stations

Rieck, F.[Frank] Co Author Listing * INTRALOG- intelligent autonomous truck applications in logistics; single and double articulated autonomous rearward docking on DCs

Rieck, K.[Konrad] Co Author Listing * Efficient Algorithms for Similarity Measures over Sequential Data: A Look Beyond Kernels
* Explanation-driven Characterization of Android Ransomware
* Learning Intrusion Detection: Supervised or Unsupervised?

Rieck, M.Q.[Michael Q.] Co Author Listing * Algorithm for Finding Repeated Solutions to the General Perspective Three-Point Pose Problem, An
* Fundamentally New View of the Perspective Three-Point Pose Problem, A
* On the Discriminant of Grunert's System of Algebraic Equations and Related Topics
* Related Solutions to the Perspective Three-Point Pose Problem

Rieck, S. Co Author Listing * Speaker adaptation using semi-continuous hidden Markov models

Riecke, B.E.[Bernhard E.] Co Author Listing * Leaning-Based 360° Interfaces: Investigating Virtual Reality Navigation Interfaces with Leaning-Based-Translation and Full-Rotation
* Paving the way into virtual reality: A transition in five stages
* Pulse Breath Water System: Exploring Breathing as an Embodied Interaction for Enhancing the Affective Potential of Virtual Reality, The
Includes: Riecke, B.E.[Bernhard E.] Riecke, B.E.

Rieckermann, J.[Jorg] Co Author Listing * Sewer Inlet Localization in UAV Image Clouds: Improving Performance with Multiview Detection
Includes: Rieckermann, J.[Jorg] Rieckermann, J.[Jörg]

Rieckher, M. Co Author Listing * Automated Motion Correction for In Vivo Optical Projection Tomography

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