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Rico Juan, J.R.[Juan Ramon] Co Author Listing * Characterization of contour regularities based on the Levenshtein edit distance
* Clustering-based k-nearest neighbor classification for large-scale data with neural codes representation
* Comparison of AESA and LAESA search algorithms using string and tree-edit-distances
* Contour Regularity Extraction Based on String Edit Distance
* Edit Distance for Ordered Vector Sets: A Case of Study
* Efficient k-nearest neighbor search based on clustering and adaptive k values
* Finding Significant Points for a Handwritten Classification Task
* improved fast edit approach for two-string approximated mean computation applied to OCR, An
* Improving kNN multi-label classification in Prototype Selection scenarios using class proposals
* new iterative algorithm for computing a quality approximate median of strings based on edit operations, A
* New rank methods for reducing the size of the training set using the nearest neighbor rule
* Oversampling imbalanced data in the string space
* Prototype Generation on Structural Data Using Dissimilarity Space Representation: A Case of Study
* similarity between probabilistic tree languages: Application to XML document families, A
* Smoothing and compression with stochastic k-testable tree languages
* Study of Prototype Selection Algorithms for Nearest Neighbour in Class-Imbalanced Problems, A
Includes: Rico Juan, J.R.[Juan Ramon] Rico-Juan, J.R.[Juan Ramón] Rico-Juan, J.R.[Juan R.] Rico-Juan, J.R.
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Rico Ramirez, M.A. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Attenuation Correction Techniques for C-Band Polarimetric Weather Radars
* Classification of Ground Clutter and Anomalous Propagation Using Dual-Polarization Weather Radar
Includes: Rico Ramirez, M.A. Rico-Ramirez, M.A.

Rico Secades, M.[Manuel] Co Author Listing * Use of band ratioing for building illumination independent texture classification systems
Includes: Rico Secades, M.[Manuel] Rico-Secades, M.[Manuel]

Rico, G. Co Author Listing * Vertebral Mobility Analysis Using Anterior Faces Detection

Ricolfe Viala, C.[Carlos] Co Author Listing * Improved Camera Calibration Method Based on a Two-Dimensional Template
* Improving Accuracy and Confidence Interval of Camera Parameters Estimated with a Planar Pattern
* Iterative Kalman Filter Approach to Camera Calibration, An
* Optimal conditions for camera calibration using a planar template
* Robust metric calibration of non-linear camera lens distortion
* Uncertainty Analysis of Camera Parameters Computed with a 3D Pattern
Includes: Ricolfe Viala, C.[Carlos] Ricolfe-Viala, C.[Carlos]

Ricordeau, A. Co Author Listing * Evaluation Protocol of Skeletonization Applied to Grayscale Curvilinear Structures
* Self noise and contrast controlled thinning of gray images
Includes: Ricordeau, A. Ricordeau, A.[Anne]

Ricordel, V. Co Author Listing * Computational Model of Stereoscopic 3D Visual Saliency
* Local texture synthesis: A static texture coding algorithm fully compatible with HEVC
* Modeling the perceptual distortion of dynamic textures and its application in HEVC
* Mojette Transform on Densest Lattices in 2D and 3D
* Rate-Distortion Optimized Tree-Structured Point-Lattice Vector Quantization for Compression of 3D Point Clouds Geometry
* Spatio-temporal segmentation and regions tracking of high definition video sequences based on a Markov Random Field model
* Vector quantization by packing of embedded truncated lattices
Includes: Ricordel, V. Ricordel, V.[Vincent]
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Ricotta, C. Co Author Listing * influence of principal component analysis on the spatial structure of a multispectral dataset, The
* Text Mining in Remotely Sensed Phenology Studies: A Review on Research Development, Main Topics, and Emerging Issues
Includes: Ricotta, C. Ricotta, C.[Carlo]

Ricotti, L.P. Co Author Listing * Multitapering and a wavelet variant of MFCC in speech recognition

Ricotti, R.[Rosalinda] Co Author Listing * Gaze Stability During Ocular Proton Therapy: Quantitative Evaluation Based on Eye Surface Surveillance Videos

Ricoux, P. Co Author Listing * Evaluation of the Sparsity Degree for Sparse Recovery with Deterministic Measurement Matrices, An

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