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Reeve, D.E.[Dominic E.] Co Author Listing * Spatial Variation in Coastal Dune Evolution in a High Tidal Range Environment
* Use of Unmanned Aerial Systems to Map Intertidal Sediment, The

Reeves, A. Co Author Listing * Bottom-Up Visual Image-Processing Probed with Weighted Hermite-Polynomials
* Simultaneous Colour Constancy
* Theory of spatiochromatic image encoding and feature extraction
* Transparency in stereopsis: parallel encoding of overlapping depth planes
Includes: Reeves, A. Reeves, A.[Adam]

Reeves, A.P. Co Author Listing * array processing system with a Fortran-based realization, An
* Computational Cost of Image Registration with a Parallel Binary Array Processor
* Dynamic Differential Image Circle Diameter Measurement Precision Assessment: Application to Burning Droplets
* Extraction of Airways From CT (EXACT'09)
* Fast Segmentation of Range Imagery into Planar Regions
* Identification of Three-Dimensional Objects Using Range Information
* Local Median and Other Window Operations on SIMD Computers, The
* Moment Based Two-Dimensional Edge Operator, A
* On Efficient Global Information Extraction Methods for Parallel Processors
* On Measuring the Change in Size of Pulmonary Nodules
* Parallel Computer Architectures for Image Processing
* Response to A note on bit-counting hardware for parallel processors
* Shape Analysis of Segmented Objects Using Moments
* Shape Analysis of Three Dimensional Objects Using Range Information
* Shape Analysis of Three Dimensional Objects Using the Method of Moments
* Subpixel Measurements Using a Moment-Based Edge Operator
* Survey of Moment-Based Techniques for Unoccluded Object Representation and Recognition, A
* Three-dimensional segmentation and growth-rate estimation of small pulmonary nodules in helical CT images
* Three-Dimensional Shape Analysis Using Moments and Fourier Descriptors
Includes: Reeves, A.P. Reeves, A.P.[Anthony P.] Reeves, A.P.[Anthony P]
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Reeves, B.[Byron] Co Author Listing * Stimulus Sampling With 360-Videos: Examining Head Movements, Arousal, Presence, Simulator Sickness, and Preference on a Large Sample of Participants and Videos

Reeves, C.C.[Carole C.] Co Author Listing * Device for detecting cancerous and precancerous conditions in a breast

Reeves, D.S. Co Author Listing * Parallel Image-Processing with the Block Data-Parallel Architecture

Reeves, J.W.[Jonathon W.] Co Author Listing * Device for detecting cancerous and precancerous conditions in a breast

Reeves, M.C.[Matthew C.] Co Author Listing * Perspectives on the Special Issue for Applications of Remote Sensing for Livestock and Grazingland Management

Reeves, R. Co Author Listing * Length Determination of DNA Fragments in Atomic Force Microscope Images

Reeves, S. Co Author Listing * Efficient Reconstruction Algorithm Based on the Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers for Joint Estimation of R_2^* and Off-Resonance in fMRI, An

Reeves, S.I.[Steven I.] Co Author Listing * Gaussian Process Upsampling Model for Improvements in Optical Character Recognition, A

Reeves, S.J. Co Author Listing * Automatic assessment of constraint sets in image restoration
* Basic Properties of SS-PARSE Parameter Estimates
* Bayesian Restoration of Color Images using a Non-Homogenous Cross-Channel Prior
* Blur identification by the method of generalized cross-validation
* Comments on Iterative procedures for reduction of blocking effects in transform image coding
* Efficient computation for sequential forward observation selection in image reconstruction
* Efficient Huber-Markov Edge-Preserving Image Restoration
* Fast image restoration without boundary artifacts
* Fast k-space sample selection in MRSI with a limited region of support
* filter design method for minimizing ringing in a region of interest in MR spectroscopic images, A
* Generalized Cross-Validation as a Stopping Rule for the Richardson-Lucy Algorithm
* New magnetic resonance tagging technique for directly measuring the strain tensor of the in vivo human heart
* On the optimality of magnetic resonance tag patterns for heart wall motion estimation
* Optimal k-space sampling in MRSI for images with a limited region of support
* Optimal Sampling in Array-based Image Formation
* Optimal space-varying regularization in iterative image restoration
* Perceptual Evaluation of the Mean Square Error Choice of Regularization Parameter
* Radial Deblurring with FFTs
* regularized trust region method for joint reconstruction of spin magnitude, T2* decay, and off-resonance field map, A
* Selection of observations in magnetic resonance spectroscopic imaging
* Selection of Optimal Spectral Sensitivity Functions for Color Filter Arrays
* Trust Region Methods for the Estimation of a Complex Exponential Decay Model in MRI With a Single-Shot or Multi-Shot Trajectory
Includes: Reeves, S.J. Reeves, S.J.[Stanley J.]
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Reeves, T. Co Author Listing * Redundant representation with complex wavelets: How to achieve sparsity

Reeves, T.H. Co Author Listing * Overcomplete image coding using iterative projection-based noise shaping

Reeves, W.H.[William H.] Co Author Listing * Device for detecting cancerous and precancerous conditions in a breast

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