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Raubal, M.[Martin] Co Author Listing * Controllability matters: The user experience of adaptive maps
* Multimodal Route Planning With Public Transport and Carpooling
* Time geography for ad-hoc shared-ride trip planning in mobile geosensor networks
* Towards sustainable mobility behavior: research challenges for location-aware information and communication technology
Includes: Raubal, M.[Martin] Raubal, M.

Rauber, A.[Andreas] Co Author Listing * faceted approach to reachability analysis of graph modelled collections, A
* On the Unsolved Problem of Shot Boundary Detection for Music Videos
* Shaping 3D multimedia environments: the MediaSquare

Rauber, C.[Christian] Co Author Listing * Archival and Retrieval of Historical Watermark Images

Rauber, T.W. Co Author Listing * Bhattacharyya probabilistic distance of the Dirichlet density and its application to Split-and-Merge image segmentation
* Influence of the Wavelet Family in the Compression-Denoising Technique on Synthetic and Natural Images
* Motor Pump Fault Diagnosis with Feature Selection and Levenberg-Marquardt Trained Feedforward Neural Network
* NP-Hardness of minimum expected coverage
* Overproduce-and-Choose Strategy to Create Classifier Ensembles with Tuned SVM Parameters Applied to Real-World Fault Diagnosis, An
* Probabilistic distance measures of the Dirichlet and Beta distributions
* Shape description by UNL Fourier features-an application to handwritten character recognition
Includes: Rauber, T.W. Rauber, T.W.[Thomas W.]
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