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Rataj, J. Co Author Listing * Do eye movements reflect driving manoeuvres?
* Self-calibration system for the orientation of a vehicle camera

Rataj, M.[Miroslaw] Co Author Listing * Concept and Design of Martian Far-IR ORE Spectrometer (MIRORES)

Ratajczak, J.[Joanna] Co Author Listing * Coordinate-Free Jacobian Motion Planning: A 3-D Space Robot

Ratajczak, R.[Robert] Co Author Listing * 3D video compression by coding of disoccluded regions
* Automatic Land Cover Reconstruction From Historical Aerial Images: An Evaluation of Features Extraction and Classification Algorithms
* Demonstration of a simple free viewpoint television system
* High Efficiency 3D Video Coding Using New Tools Based on View Synthesis
* Semantic Segmentation Post-processing with Colorized Pairwise Potentials and Deep Edges
* Vehicle dimensions estimation scheme using AAM on stereoscopic video
Includes: Ratajczak, R.[Robert] Ratajczak, R. Ratajczak, R.[Rémi]

Ratajewicz Mikolajczak, E. Co Author Listing * Neural networks method for identification of the objects behind the screen
Includes: Ratajewicz Mikolajczak, E. Ratajewicz-Mikolajczak, E.

Ratakonda, K. Co Author Listing * Coding the Displaced Frame Difference for Video Compression
* Digital image watermarking: issues in resolving rightful ownership
* Efficient partial streaming of compressed video
* Issues in reduced-resolution decoding of MPEG video
* Lossless image compression with multiscale segmentation
* Low Bit-Rate Video Coding with Implicit Multiscale Segmentation
* Method for detecting transitions in sampled digital video sequences
* Method for hierarchical summarization and browsing of digital video
* MPEG-4 one-pass VBR rate control for digital storage
* new wavelet-based scheme for watermarking images, A
* POCS based adaptive image magnification
* Region-Based Video Coding Using a Multiscale Image Segmentation
* Segmentation based Denoising using Multiple Compaction Domains
* Segmentation Based Reversible Image Compression
* Super Resolution with Region Sensitive Interpolation
* Time-efficient learning theoretic algorithms for H.264 mode selection
Includes: Ratakonda, K. Ratakonda, K.[Krishna]
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Ratakonda, K.C.[Krishna Chaitanya] Co Author Listing * Method and apparatus for implementing B-picture scene changes

Ratan, A.L.[A. Lakshmi] Co Author Listing * Active Visual Attention System to Play Where's Waldo, An
* Extracting Templates for Scene Classification Using a Few Examples
* Multiple-Instance Learning for Natural Scene Classification
* Object Detection and Localization by Dynamic Template Warping
* Object Localization by Dynamic Template Warping
* Role of Fixation and Visual Attention in Object Recognition, The
* Training Templates for Scene Classification using a Few Examples
Includes: Ratan, A.L.[A. Lakshmi] Ratan, A.L.[Aparna L.] Ratan, A.L.[Aparna Lakshmi]
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Ratan, R.[Ram] Co Author Listing * Key Independent Retrieval of Chaotic Encrypted Images

Ratanopad, S. Co Author Listing * Land Cover Classification and Monitoring in Northeast Thailand Using Landsat 5 TM Data

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