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Puniach, E.[Edyta] Co Author Listing * Application of convolutional neural networks for low vegetation filtering from data acquired by UAVs
* UAV Applications for Determination of Land Deformations Caused by Underground Mining
* Use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) for Updating Farmland Cadastral Data in Areas Subject to Landslides

Punidha, R. Co Author Listing * orthogonal polynomials transform-based variable block size adaptive vector quantisation for colour image coding, An

Punitha, P. Co Author Listing * Archival and retrieval of symbolic images: An invariant scheme based on triangular spatial relationship
* invariant scheme for exact match retrieval of symbolic images based upon principal component analysis, An
* invariant scheme for exact match retrieval of symbolic images: Triangular spatial relationship based approach, An
* Symbolic image indexing and retrieval by spatial similarity: An approach based on B-tree
* User variance and its impact on video retrieval benchmarking

Punithakumar, K.[Kumaradevan] Co Author Listing * Convex Max-Flow Approach to Distribution-Based Figure-Ground Separation, A
* Distribution Matching with the Bhattacharyya Similarity: A Bound Optimization Framework
* Graph cut segmentation with a global constraint: Recovering region distribution via a bound of the Bhattacharyya measure
* Regional Assessment of Cardiac Left Ventricular Myocardial Function via MRI Statistical Features
* Tracking Endocardial Boundary and Motion via Graph Cut Distribution Matching and Multiple Model Filtering
Includes: Punithakumar, K.[Kumaradevan] Punithakumar, K.

Punithan, M.X. Co Author Listing * King's Graph-Based Neighbor-Vehicle Mapping Framework

Punithavalli, M. Co Author Listing * Neural network-based ideation learning for intelligent agents: e-brainstorming with privacy preferences

Puniwai, N.[Noelani] Co Author Listing * Development of a GIS-Based Tool for Aquaculture Siting

Puniyani, K.[Kriti] Co Author Listing * Inferring Gene Interaction Networks from ISH Images via Kernelized Graphical Models

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