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Psomadaki, O.I.[Ofilia I.] Co Author Listing * Technologies of Non Linear Storytelling for the Management of Cultural Heritage in the Digital City: The Case of Thessaloniki

Psomas, A.[Achilleas] Co Author Listing * Effective Way to Map Land-Use Intensity with a High Spatial Resolution Based on Habitat Type and Environmental Data, An
* Mapping dominant leaf type based on combined Sentinel-1/-2 data: Challenges for mountainous countries
* Mapping Secondary Forest Succession On Abandoned Agricultural Land In The Polish Carpathians
* Mapping Secondary Forest Succession on Abandoned Agricultural Land with LiDAR Point Clouds and Terrestrial Photography
Includes: Psomas, A.[Achilleas] Psomas, A.

Psomas, B.[Bill] Co Author Listing * What to Hide from Your Students: Attention-Guided Masked Image Modeling

Psomas, C.[Constantinos] Co Author Listing * RC Filter Design for Wireless Power Transfer: A Fourier Series Approach
* Tone-Index Multisine Modulation for SWIPT

Psomiadis, E.[Emmanouil] Co Author Listing * Co-Orbital Sentinel 1 and 2 for LULC Mapping with Emphasis on Wetlands in a Mediterranean Setting Based on Machine Learning
* Combining SAR and Optical Earth Observation with Hydraulic Simulation for Flood Mapping and Impact Assessment
* Comparing High Accuracy t-LiDAR and UAV-SfM Derived Point Clouds for Geomorphological Change Detection
* Earth Observation and GIS-Based Analysis for Landslide Susceptibility and Risk Assessment
* Long and Short-Term Coastal Changes Assessment Using Earth Observation Data and GIS Analysis: The Case of Sperchios River Delta

Psomoulis, A.M. Co Author Listing * Development of an Innovative, Two-Processor Data Processing Unit for the Magnetospheric Imaging Instrument Onboard the Cassini Mission to Saturn--Part I: Hardware Architecture

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