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Pros, A. Co Author Listing * Radiometric Block Adjusment and Digital Radiometric Model Generation

Proschek, V.[Veronika] Co Author Listing * Impacts of Orbital and Constellation Parameters on the Number and Spatiotemporal Coverage of LEO-LEO Occultation Events

Prosek, J.[Jiri] Co Author Listing * Applicability of Data Acquisition Characteristics to the Identification of Local Artefacts in Global Digital Elevation Models: Comparison of the Copernicus and TanDEM-X DEMs
Includes: Prosek, J.[Jiri] Prošek, J.[Jirí]

Proshin, A.[Andrey] Co Author Listing * Usage Experience and Capabilities of the VEGA-Science System

Proshin, A.A. Co Author Listing * Distributed Infrastructure Enabling Effective Integration of Earth Observation Information Resources for Collective Solution of Archiving, Searching, Processing and Eo Data Analyzing Tasks

Proskurin, A.V. Co Author Listing * Animal Detection Using a Series of Images Under Complex Shooting Conditions

Prosmans, M. Co Author Listing * real-time edge linker, A

Prospere, K.[Kurt] Co Author Listing * Plant Species Discrimination in a Tropical Wetland Using In Situ Hyperspectral Data

Prosperi, A.[Andrea] Co Author Listing * Color Constancy from Multispectral Images

Prosperi, J. Co Author Listing * 13 Years of changes in the extent and physiognomy of mangroves after shrimp farming abandonment, Bali
* Temporal stability of mangrove multispectral signatures at fine scales: Stability of mangrove multispectral signatures

Prosser, B.[Bryan] Co Author Listing * Multi-camera Matching under Illumination Change Over Time
* Multi-camera Matching using Bi-Directional Cumulative Brightness Transfer Functions
* Person Re-identification by Support Vector Ranking

Prost, J.[Jean] Co Author Listing * Learning Local Regularization for Variational Image Restoration

Prost, N. Co Author Listing * efficient subdivision inversion for wavemesh-based progressive compression of 3D triangle meshes, An

Prost, R.[Remy] Co Author Listing * 3-D Dynamic Mesh Compression using Wavelet-Based Multiresolution Analysis
* 3-D Mesh Sequence Coding Using the Combination of Spatial and Temporal Wavelet Analysis, A
* 3D Medical Image-Coding Using Separable 3D Wavelet Decomposition and Lattice Vector Quantization
* Active Mesh for Video Segmentation and Objects Tracking
* Active Mesh Texture Coding based on Warping and DCT
* Adaptive Wavelets Based Multiresolution Modeling of Irregular Meshes Via Harmonic Maps
* Approximation of Unorganized Point Set with Composite Implicit Surface
* Compactly Supported Radial Basis Functions Based Collocation Method for Level-Set Evolution in Image Segmentation
* Curvature-Based Adaptive Remeshing Forwavelet-Based Multiresolution 3D Meshes
* Efficient multi-object segmentation of 3D medical images using clustering and graph cuts
* Error-free image decomposition/reconstruction for subband coding schemes
* Exact image subband decomposition/reconstruction by DCT
* Exact subband image decomposition and reconstruction in discrete space and discrete frequency domains
* Exploiting curvature to compute the medial axis with Constrained Centroidal Voronoi Diagram on discrete data
* Fractal coding of subbands with an oriented partition
* Graph-based multi-scale analysis of plates and rods in human trabecular bone
* Image Compression By Vector Quantization: A Review Focused on Codebook Generation
* JPEG Dequantization Array for Regularized Decompression
* Local Wavelets Decomposition for 3-D Surfaces
* Model-Based Tikhonov-Miller Image Restoration
* Motion Correction for Coronary Stent Reconstruction From Rotational X-ray Projection Sequences
* Multi-atlas automatic positioning of anatomical landmarks
* Multi-port filtering system for lossless image compression
* Multiresolution reconstruction in fan-beam tomography
* multiresolution Wavelet Scheme for Irregularly Subdivided 3D Triangular Mesh, A
* Nonseparable wavelet-based cone-beam reconstruction in 3-d rotational angiography
* On the Coding Performance of DCT Based Subband Decomposition for Low Contrast Images
* Positioning of anatomical landmarks in orthopedics by MESH registration
* Radial Basis Functions Collocation Methods for Model Based Level-Set Segmentation
* RBF-Based Multiphase Level Set Method for Segmentation in Echocardiography using the Statistics of the Radiofrequency Signal, A
* Regularized Marching Cubes Mesh
* Regularized Subband Coding Scheme
* Remeshing algorithm for multiresolution prior model in segmentation
* Robust Watermarking on Polygonal Meshes Using Distribution of Vertex Norms
* Rounding Transform and Its Application for Lossless Pyramid Structured Coding
* Rounding Transform Based Approach for Lossless Subband Coding
* Rounding Transform for Lossless Image Coding
* Segmentation of Myocardial Regions in Echocardiography Using the Statistics of the Radio-Frequency Signal
* Shortest-Path Constraints for 3D Multiobject Semiautomatic Segmentation Via Clustering and Graph Cut
* Time samples selection in spiral acquisition for sparse magnetic resonance spectroscopic imaging
* Tomographic Reconstruction Using Nonseparable Wavelets
* Unified Mathematical Form of the Walsh-Hadamard Transform for Lossless Image Data-Compression, A
* Variational tetrahedral mesh generation from discrete volume data
* Wavelet Analysis Based Blind Watermarking for 3-D Surface Meshes
Includes: Prost, R.[Remy] Prost, R.[Rémy] Prost, R.
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Prost, V. Co Author Listing * Semisupervised Dictionary Learning with Graph Regularized and Active Points

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