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Poor, H.V. Co Author Listing * Compound-Gaussian Clutter Modeling With an Inverse Gaussian Texture Distribution
* Cooperative Energy Harvesting Networks With Spatially Random Users
* Cost Minimization of Charging Stations With Photovoltaics: An Approach With EV Classification
* Delay Minimization for NOMA-MEC Offloading
* Design of Massive-MIMO-NOMA With Limited Feedback
* Distributed Compressed Estimation Based on Compressive Sensing
* Distributed Spectrum Estimation Based on Alternating Mixed Discrete-Continuous Adaptation
* Energy-Efficient Resource Allocation Optimization for Multimedia Heterogeneous Cloud Radio Access Networks
* Estimating Directional Statistics Using Wavefield Modeling and Mixtures of von-Mises Distributions
* Foundations and Trends in Localization Technologies: Part I
* Foundations and Trends in Localization Technologies: Part II
* Fusion of image segmentation algorithms using consensus clustering
* Improper Gaussian Signaling for Broadcast Interference Networks
* Information Theoretic Framework for Biometric Security Systems, An
* Is Self-Interference in Full-Duplex Communications a Foe or a Friend?
* Lattice Filters Based on the Delta-Operator
* Low-Complexity Near-ML Differential Spatial Modulation Detector, A
* MIMO Beamforming for Secure and Energy-Efficient Wireless Communication
* MIMO Radar for Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems and Autonomous Driving: Advantages and Challenges
* Multiband cyclic wavelet transforms
* Multirate signal processing on finite fields
* Network Operation Strategies for Efficient Localization and Navigation
* On Estimating the Norm of a Gaussian Vector Under Additive White Gaussian Noise
* On the Performance of Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access in 5G Systems with Randomly Deployed Users
* Outage-Aware Secure Beamforming in MISO Wireless Interference Networks
* Privacy-Aware Smart Metering: Progress and Challenges
* Relay-Aided NOMA in Uplink Cellular Networks
* Risk Optimization for Revenue-Driven Wireless Video Broadcasting Systems: A Copula-Based Framework
* Robust ellipse and spheroid fitting
* Robust Matched Filters
* Training Design and Channel Estimation in Uplink Cloud Radio Access Networks
* Use of Spatially Random Base Stations in Cloud Radio Access Networks, The
Includes: Poor, H.V. Poor, H.V.[H. Vincent]
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Pooransingh, A.[Akash] Co Author Listing * path assigned mean shift algorithm: A new fast mean shift implementation for colour image segmentation, The

Poorazimy, M.[Maryam] Co Author Listing * Feasibility of Bi-Temporal Airborne Laser Scanning Data in Detecting Species-Specific Individual Tree Crown Growth of Boreal Forests
* First Demonstration of Space-Borne Polarization Coherence Tomography for Characterizing Hyrcanian Forest Structural Diversity
* Terrestrial Laser Scanning in Assessing the Effect of Different Thinning Treatments on the Competition of Scots Pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) Forests

Poorazizi, M.E.[Mohammad Ebrahim] Co Author Listing * Volunteered Geographic Information Framework to Enable Bottom-Up Disaster Management Platforms, A

Poore, J.C. Co Author Listing * Operationalizing Engagement with Multimedia as User Coherence with Context

Poorgholi, S.[Soroosh] Co Author Listing * t-eva: Time-efficient t-sne Video Annotation

Poori, S.[Siva] Co Author Listing * Chua's diode and strange attractor: a three-layer hardware-software co-design for medical image confidentiality

Poorjafari, M.[Mohammad] Co Author Listing * Proposing a kinematic wave-based adaptive transit signal priority control using genetic algorithm

Poorna, B. Co Author Listing * Visibility concepts in orthogonal polygon recognition

Poortinga, A.[Ate] Co Author Listing * Automatic Detection of Impervious Surfaces from Remotely Sensed Data Using Deep Learning
* Comparing Sentinel-1 Surface Water Mapping Algorithms and Radiometric Terrain Correction Processing in Southeast Asia Utilizing Google Earth Engine
* Comparison of Three Temporal Smoothing Algorithms to Improve Land Cover Classification: A Case Study from NEPAL, A
* Historical and Operational Monitoring of Surface Sediments in the Lower Mekong Basin Using Landsat and Google Earth Engine Cloud Computing
* Lessons Learned While Implementing a Time-Series Approach to Forest Canopy Disturbance Detection in Nepal
* Mapping Plantations in Myanmar by Fusing Landsat-8, Sentinel-2 and Sentinel-1 Data along with Systematic Error Quantification
* Operational Before-After-Control-Impact (BACI) Designed Platform for Vegetation Monitoring at Planetary Scale, An
* Predictive Analytics for Identifying Land Cover Change Hotspots in the Mekong Region
* Self-Calibrating Runoff and Streamflow Remote Sensing Model for Ungauged Basins Using Open-Access Earth Observation Data, A
* ST-CORAbico: A Spatiotemporal Object-Based Bias Correction Method for Storm Prediction Detected by Satellite
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