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Piazza, E.[Elise] Co Author Listing * Potential of Multispectral Imagery and 3D Point Clouds from Unoccupied Aerial Systems (UAS) for Monitoring Forest Structure and the Impacts of Wildfire in Mediterranean-Climate Forests, The

Piazza, F Co Author Listing * Stability Analysis of Natural Gradient Learning Rules in Complete ICA: A Unifying Perspective

Piazza, F.[Francesco] Co Author Listing * Blind Source Separation Based Approach for Speech Enhancement in Noisy and Reverberant Environment, A
* Combined Approach for Channel Decorrelation in Stereo Acoustic Echo Cancellation Exploiting Time-Varying Frequency Shifting, A
* Intelligent Acoustic Interfaces With Multisensor Acquisition for Immersive Reproduction
* Investigation into Audiovisual Speech Correlation in Reverberant Noisy Environments, An
* low latency implementation of a non-uniform partitioned convolution algorithm for room acoustic simulation, A
* Multichannel Double-Talk Detector based on Fundamental Frequency Estimation
* Neural network for region detection
* theoretical analysis of a buffer frame size conversion algorithm for audio applications ensuring minimum latency, A
Includes: Piazza, F.[Francesco] Piazza, F.
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Piazza, S.C.[Sarai C.] Co Author Listing * Developing bare-earth digital elevation models from structure-from-motion data on barrier islands

Piazzese, C. Co Author Listing * Automated Registration of 3D TEE Datasets of the Descending Aorta for Improved Examination and Quantification of Atheromas Burden

Piazzi, A. Co Author Listing * Quintic G2-splines for the iterative steering of vision-based autonomous vehicles
* Visual perception of obstacles and vehicles for platooning

Piazzi, J. Co Author Listing * new GPCA algorithm for clustering subspaces by fitting, differentiating and dividing polynomials, A

Piazzi, M.L.[Maria Ludovica] Co Author Listing * Learning to Read L'Infinito: Handwritten Text Recognition with Synthetic Training Data

Piazzo, L. Co Author Listing * Artifact Removal for GLS Map Makers by Means of Post-Processing
* Image Estimation in the Presence of Irregular Sampling, Noise, and Pointing Jitter
* Least Squares Image Estimation for Large Data in the Presence of Noise and Irregular Sampling
* Least Squares Time-Series Synchronization in Image Acquisition Systems

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