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Parua, S.[Suparna] Co Author Listing * Hierarchical clustering on texture statistics for search space reduction of large scale face recognition

Paruchuri, J.K.[Jithendra K.] Co Author Listing * Managing privacy data in pervasive camera networks
* Spatially adaptive illumination modeling for background subtraction

Paruelo, J. Co Author Listing * Environmental and Human Controls of Ecosystem Functional Diversity in Temperate South America

Paruelo, J.M.[Jose M.] Co Author Listing * Land Use/Land Cover Change (2000-2014) in the Rio de la Plata Grasslands: An Analysis Based on MODIS NDVI Time Series
* Spatial and temporal variation of human appropriation of net primary production in the Rio de la Plata grasslands
Includes: Paruelo, J.M.[Jose M.] Paruelo, J.M.[Josť M.]

Parui, S. Co Author Listing * Efficient Algorithm for Detection of Road-Like Structures in Satellite Images, An
* Machine Dating of Handwritten Manuscripts
* Similarity-Invariant Sketch-Based Image Retrieval in Large Databases
* Two Stage Recognition Scheme for Handwritten Tamil Characters, A
Includes: Parui, S. Parui, S.[Sarthak]

Parui, S.K.[Swapan Kumar] Co Author Listing * Building a Personal Handwriting Recognizer on an Android Device
* CNN based common approach to handwritten character recognition of multiple scripts
* Color Based Image Segmentation and its Application to Text Segmentation, A
* Computing the Shape of a Point Set in Digital Images
* Detection of Linear Features in Satellite Imagery Using Robust Estimation
* Devanagari and Bangla Text Extraction from Natural Scene Images
* Direction Code Based Features for Recognition of Online Handwritten Characters of Bangla
* Discriminative HMM training with GA for handwritten word recognition
* Document Image Classification with Intra-Domain Transfer Learning and Stacked Generalization of Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
* HMM Based Online Handwritten Bangla Character Recognition Using Dirichlet Distributions
* HMM Parameter Estimation with Genetic Algorithm for Handwritten Word Recognition
* How to Discriminate Shapes Using the Shape Vector
* Hybrid Deep Architecture for Robust Recognition of Text Lines of Degraded Printed Documents, A
* MLP-Based Texture Segmentation Method without Selecting a Feature Set, An
* MLP-Based Texture Segmentation Technique Which Does Not Require a Feature Set, An
* modified self-organizing neural net for shape extraction, A
* New Definition of Shape Similarity, A
* Offline handwritten Devanagari word recognition: A segmentation based approach
* Offline Handwritten Devanagari Word Recognition: An HMM Based Approach
* On Recognition of Handwritten Bangla Characters
* On-line Handwriting Recognition of Indian Scripts: The First Benchmark
* Online Bangla Word Recognition Using Sub-Stroke Level Features and Hidden Markov Models
* Online Handwriting Recognition Using Levenshtein Distance Metric
* Online handwritten Bangla character recognition using HMM
* Pair-copula based mixture models and their application in clustering
* Pair-Copula Based Scheme for Text Extraction from Digital Images, A
* Parallel Algorithm for Decomposition of Binary Objects Through Skeletonization, A
* Parallel Algorithm for Detection of Linear Structures in Satellite Images, A
* Procedure for Recognition of Connected Handwritten Numerals, A
* Recognition of Bangla text from scene images through perspective correction
* Robust Parallel Thinning Algorithm For Binary Images, A
* Scene text detection using sparse stroke information and MLP
* Script independent online handwriting recognition
* Semi-automatic Annotation Scheme for Bangla Online Mixed Cursive Handwriting Samples, A
* Shape Extraction of Volumetric Images of Filamentous Bacteria Using Topology Adaptive Self Organization
* Shape preserving properties of some operations on binary pictures
* Shape Similarity Measures for Open Curves
* sigma-lognormal model-based approach to generating large synthetic online handwriting sample databases, A
* Skeletal Shape Extraction from Dot Patterns by Self-Organization
* Skeletonization by a Topology-Adaptive Self-Organizing Neural Network
* Skeletons from Dot Patterns: A Neural-Network Approach
* Smoothing of HMM parameters for efficient recognition of online handwriting
* Some Geometric Operations on Binary Pictures and Their Shape Preserving Properties
* Summarization of JBIG2 Compressed Indian Language Textual Images
* SVM-based hierarchical architectures for handwritten Bangla character recognition
* Symmetry Analysis By Computer
* TASOCNN: a topology adaptive self-organizing circular neural network and its application to color segmentation
* Text Detection of Two Major Indian Scripts in Natural Scene Images
Includes: Parui, S.K.[Swapan Kumar] Parui, S.K.[Swapan K.] Parui, S.K.
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Parulekar, R. Co Author Listing * High performance computing for land cover dynamics

Parulkar, A.[Amey] Co Author Listing * Deep Frequency Filtering for Domain Generalization

Parulkar, S.K. Co Author Listing * Face and facial expression recognition using Extended Locality Preserving Projection
* Modified Orthogonal Neighborhood Preserving Projection for Face Recognition
* Reversible watermarking technique to enhance security of a biometric authentication system

Parus, J.[Jindrich] Co Author Listing * intuitive polygon morphing, An

Paruta, A.[Antonio] Co Author Listing * Geostatistical Approach to Map Near-Surface Soil Moisture Through Hyperspatial Resolution Thermal Inertia, A

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