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Orue, J.P.M.[Jonatan Patrick Margarido] Co Author Listing * Face recognition using activities of directed graphs in spatial pyramid
* Fractal dimension of maximum response filters applied to texture analysis
Includes: Orue, J.P.M.[Jonatan Patrick Margarido] Oruê, J.P.M.[Jonatan Patrick Margarido]

Orue, M.[Murat] Co Author Listing * Geometric Accuracy Evaluation of the DEM Generated by the Russian TK-350 Stereo Scenes Using the SRTM X- and C- band Interferometric DEMs

Orueta, G.D.[G. Diaz] Co Author Listing * Analytic System to Evaluate Efficient Driving Programs in Professional Fleets
Includes: Orueta, G.D.[G. Diaz] Orueta, G.D.[G. Díaz]

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