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Oron Gilad, T. Co Author Listing * Calibrating Adaptable Automation to Individuals
* Evaluation of an On-Thigh Vibrotactile Collision Avoidance Alerting Component in a Simulated Flight Mission
* Interruption Management in the Context of Take-Over-Requests in Conditional Driving Automation
* Levels of Automation and Transparency: Interaction Design Considerations in Assistive Robots for Older Adults
Includes: Oron Gilad, T. Oron-Gilad, T. Oron-Gilad, T.[Tal]

Oron, E. Co Author Listing * Position-Invariant, Rotation-Invariant, and Scale-Invariant Process for Binary Image Recognition
* Precision Tracking Based on Segmentation with Optimal Layering for Imaging Sensors
* Precision Tracking with Segmentation for Imaging Sensors

Oron, M. Co Author Listing * Non-Correlation Approach to Image-Based Velocity Determination, A

Oron, S.[Shaul] Co Author Listing * Best-Buddies Similarity for robust template matching
* Best-Buddies Similarity: Robust Template Matching Using Mutual Nearest Neighbors
* Extended Lucas-Kanade Tracking
* Locally Orderless Tracking
* Real-Time Category-Based and General Obstacle Detection for Autonomous Driving
* Real-time tracking-with-detection for coping with viewpoint change
* Road Scene Understanding by Occupancy Grid Learning from Sparse Radar Clusters using Semantic Segmentation
Includes: Oron, S.[Shaul] Oron, S.
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Oronoz, M.[Maite] Co Author Listing * Automatic Annotation of Medical Records in Spanish with Disease, Drug and Substance Names

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