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Onur Ozyurt, E. Co Author Listing * WAMI Object Tracking Using L1 Tracker Integrated with a Deep Detector

Onural, L. Co Author Listing * 3-D motion estimation and wireframe adaptation including photometric effects for model-based coding of facial image sequences
* 3D Model compression using Connectivity-Guided Adaptive Wavelet Transform built into 2D SPIHT
* Analysis of the longitudinal component of the electric field generated by flat and pixelated liquid crystal displays
* Bessel Functions-Based Reconstruction of Non-Uniformly Sampled Diffraction Fields
* Circularly configured multi-SLM holographic display system
* Class of Adaptive Directional Image Smoothing Filters, A
* Class of Impulsive Eigenfunctions of Multidimensional Fourier Transform, A
* Connectivity-Guided Adaptive Lifting Transform for Image Like Compression of Meshes
* Design and Implementation of a DMD Based Volumetric 3D Display
* Diffraction field computation from arbitrarily distributed data points in space
* Digital Holographic Three-Dimensional Video Displays
* Estimation of Depth Fields Suitable for Video Compression Based on 3-D Structure and Motion of Objects
* Extensions to Common Laplace and Fourier Transforms
* Gibbs random field model based 3-D motion estimation by weakened rigidity
* Gibbs Random-Field Model-Based Weight Selection For The 2-D Adaptive Weighted Median Filter
* Image interpolation using a simple Gibbs random field model
* Image Sequence Analysis for Emerging Interactive Multimedia Services: The European COST 211 Framework
* improvement to MBASIC algorithm for 3-D motion and depth estimation, An
* Introduction to the Special Section on 3DTV
* Joint Estimation and Optimum Encoding of Depth Field for 3-D Object-Based Video Coding
* Multi-SLM holographic display system with planar configuration
* Object based 3-D motion and structure estimation
* On a parameter estimation method for Gibbs-Markov random fields
* Performance Assessment of A Diffraction Field Computation Method Based on Source Model
* Power Spectrum Equalized Scalar Representation of Wide-Angle Optical Field Propagation
* Projection-Slice Theorem as a Tool for Mathematical Representation of Diffraction
* Quality comparison and acceleration for digital hologram generation method based on segmentation
* Real-time color holographic video display system
* Reconstruction of Scalar Diffraction Field from Distributed Data Points Over 3D Space
* Rule-Based Method for Object Segmentation in Video Sequences, A
* Rule-based moving object segmentation
* Signal Processing and 3DTV
* Signal processing issues in diffraction and holographic 3DTV
* Signal Processing Problems and Algorithms in Display Side of 3DTV
* Special Issue on 3-D Media and Displays
* Survey of Signal Processing Problems and Tools in Holographic Three-Dimensional Television, A
* Television in 3-D: What Are the Prospects?
* Three-Dimensional Television: Capture, Transmission, Display
* Utilization of the Recursive Shortest Spanning Tree Algorithm for Video Object Segmentation by 2-D Affine Motion Modeling
Includes: Onural, L. Onural, L.[Levent]
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