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Onchang, R.[Rattapon] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Urban Land Surface Temperature and Vertical City Associated with Dengue Incidences

Onchis, D.M.[Darian Moaca] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Onchis, D.M.[Darian Moaca]: darian onchis AT univie ac at
* Detection of the mandibular canal in orthopantomography using a Gabor-filtered anisotropic generalized Hough transform
* Generating Second Order (Co)homological Information within AT-Model Context
* Labeling Color 2D Digital Images in Theoretical Near Logarithmic Time
* On Homotopy Continuation for Speech Restoration
* parallel Homological Spanning Forest framework for 2D topological image analysis, A
* Parallel Implementation for Computing the Region-Adjacency-Tree of a Segmentation of a 2D Digital Image, A
* Refined Deep Learning for Digital Objects Recognition via Betti Invariants
* Signal Reconstruction in Multi-Windows Spline-Spaces Using the Dual System
* Space-Variant Gabor Decomposition for Filtering 3D Medical Images
* Special issue on GeToHa
* Toward Parallel Computation of Dense Homotopy Skeletons for nD Digital Objects
Includes: Onchis, D.M.[Darian Moaca] Onchis, D.M.[Darian M.]
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