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Okutani, R. Co Author Listing * Efficient keypoint detection and description using filter kernel decomposition in scale space
* estimation of the fundamental matrix using hybrid statistics, An

Okutomi, M.[Masatoshi] Co Author Listing * 24/7 Place Recognition by View Synthesis
* 3D Structure Refinement of Nonrigid Surfaces through Efficient Image Alignment
* 3D Surface Extraction Using Incremental Tetrahedra Carving
* Adaptive residual interpolation for color image demosaicking
* Are Large-Scale 3D Models Really Necessary for Accurate Visual Localization?
* ASPnP: An Accurate and Scalable Solution to the Perspective-n-Point Problem
* Benchmarking 6DOF Outdoor Visual Localization in Changing Conditions
* Beyond Color Difference: Residual Interpolation for Color Image Demosaicking
* branch and contract algorithm for globally optimal fundamental matrix estimation, A
* Calibration and rectification for reflection stereo
* Camera self calibration based on direct image alignment
* Color Kernel Regression for Robust Direct Upsampling from Raw Data of General Color Filter Array
* Color Stereo Matching and Its Application to 3-D Measurement of Optic Nerve Head
* Comparison of image alignment on hexagonal and square lattices
* Coupled convolution layer for convolutional neural network
* Depth map upsampling by self-guided residual interpolation
* Deterministically maximizing feasible subsystem for robust model fitting with unit norm constraint
* Direct and Efficient Method for Piecewise-Planar Surface Reconstruction from Stereo Images, A
* Direct Generation of Regular-Grid Ground Surface Map from In-Vehicle Stereo Image Sequences
* Direct image alignment of projector-camera systems with planar surfaces
* Direct super-resolution and registration using raw CFA images
* Disparity Estimation in a Layered Image for Reflection Stereo
* Distribution-Based Face Detection using Calibrated Boosted Cascade Classifier
* Effective color correction pipeline for a noisy image
* Estimation of signal dependent noise parameters from a single image
* Extraction of Road Region Using Stereo Images
* Fast global non-rigid registration for mosaic creation
* General and Simple Method for Camera Pose and Focal Length Determination, A
* Generalizing Wiberg algorithm for rigid and nonrigid factorizations with missing components and metric constraints
* Gradient-Domain Image Reconstruction Framework with Intensity-Range and Base-Structure Constraints
* Image restoration and disparity estimation from an uncalibrated multi-layered image
* InLoc: Indoor Visual Localization with Dense Matching and View Synthesis
* Joint Estimation of Depth, Reflectance and Illumination for Depth Refinement
* Joint Optimization for Compressive Video Sensing and Reconstruction Under Hardware Constraints
* Locally adaptive learning for translation-variant MRF image priors
* Locally Adaptive window for Signal Matching, A
* Microscopic Surface Shape Estimation of a Transparent Plate Using a Complex Image
* Misalignment-Robust Joint Filter for Cross-Modal Image Pairs
* Monocular Range Estimation through a Double-Sided Half-Mirror Plate
* Multi-Parameter Simultaneous Estimation on Area-Based Matching
* Multi-view Inverse Rendering Under Arbitrary Illumination and Albedo
* Multiple-Baseline Stereo Method, A
* Multiple-Baseline Stereo, A
* Multispectral demosaicking using adaptive kernel upsampling
* Multispectral demosaicking with novel guide image generation and residual interpolation
* N-to-SRGB Mapping for Single-Sensor Multispectral Imaging
* Neighbor Pixel Mixture
* Noise level estimation using weak textured patches of a single noisy image
* Non-rigid registration between color channels based on joint-histogram entropy in subspace
* Novel Inference of a Restricted Boltzmann Machine, A
* Obstacle detection using millimeter-wave radar and its visualization on image sequence
* Optimal spectral sensitivity functions for a single-camera one-shot multispectral imaging system
* Panoramic 3D Reconstruction Using Rotational Stereo Camera with Simple Epipolar Constraints
* Practical low-rank matrix approximation under robust L1-norm
* Practical One-Shot Multispectral Imaging System Using a Single Image Sensor, A
* Practical Rank-Constrained Eight-Point Algorithm for Fundamental Matrix Estimation, A
* Practical Signal-Dependent Noise Parameter Estimation From a Single Noisy Image
* Precise Simultaneous Estimation of Image Deformation Parameters
* Precise Sub-Pixel Estimation on Area-Based Matching
* Progressive MAP-based Deconvolution with Pixel-Dependent Gaussian Prior
* Pseudo four-channel image denoising for noisy CFA raw data
* Real-Time Image Mosaicing Using Non-rigid Registration
* Reconstruction of a High Dynamic Range and High Resolution Image from a Multisampled Image Sequence
* Reflection Stereo: Novel Monocular Stereo using a Transparent Plate
* Residual interpolation for color image demosaicking
* Revisiting the PnP Problem: A Fast, General and Optimal Solution
* Robust and accurate estimation of multiple motions for whole-image super-resolution
* Robust feature matching by learning descriptor covariance with viewpoint synthesis
* Shape Recovery of Rotating Object Using Weighted Voting of Spatio-temporal Images
* Signal dependent noise removal from a single image
* Simple Stereo Algorithm to Recover Precise Object Boundaries and Smooth Surfaces
* Simple Stereo Algorithm to Recover Precise Object Boundaries and Smooth Surfaces, A
* Simultaneous Optimization of Structure and Motion in Dynamic Scenes Using Unsynchronized Stereo Cameras
* Single-Camera Multi-baseline Stereo Using Fish-Eye Lens and Mirrors
* Single-Image Noise Level Estimation for Blind Denoising
* Stable Two View Reconstruction Using the Six-Point Algorithm
* Stereo Matching Algorithm with an Adaptive Window: Theory and Experiment, A
* Sub-Pixel Estimation Error Cancellation on Area-Based Matching
* Super high dynamic range video
* Super-high Dynamic Range Imaging
* Super-resolution from image sequence under influence of hot-air optical turbulence
* Super-resolution under image deformation
* Super-Resolution using a Multi-Mixture Imaging System
* Theoretical Analysis on Reconstruction-Based Super-Resolution for an Arbitrary PSF
* Tunable color correction between linear and polynomial models for noisy images
* Unified image fusion based on application-adaptive importance measure
* user-friendly method to geometrically calibrate projector-camera systems, A
* View extension for teleoperated MAV
* Virtual focusing image synthesis for user-specified image region using camera array
* Visual Place Recognition with Repetitive Structures
Includes: Okutomi, M.[Masatoshi] Okutomi, M.
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Okutomoi, M.[Masatoshi] Co Author Listing * Image Correspondence from Motion Subspace Constraint and Epipolar Constraint

Okutsu, R.[Ryota] Co Author Listing * Generation of Overhead View Images by Estimating Intrinsic and Extrinsic Camera Parameters of Multiple Fish-Eye Cameras

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