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Noyel, G.[Guillaume] Co Author Listing * Asplünd's metric defined in the logarithmic image processing (LIP) framework for colour and multivariate images
* Double-Sided Probing by Map of Asplund's Distances Using Logarithmic Image Processing in the Framework of Mathematical Morphology
* Spatio-Colour Asplünd's Metric and Logarithmic Image Processing for Colour Images (LIPC)
* Speeding up the Kohler's method of contrast thresholding
Includes: Noyel, G.[Guillaume] Noyel, G.

Noyer, J. Co Author Listing * Model-Based Joint Detection and Tracking Approach for Multi-Vehicle Tracking With Lidar Sensor, A

Noyer, J.C.[Jean Charles] Co Author Listing * 3D particle tracking using an active vision
* 3D Structure And Motion Estimation From Range And Intensity Images Using Particle Filtering
* Non-linear matched filtering for object detection and tracking
* One class proximal support vector machines
* Temporal Bayesian Networks for Scenario Recognition
* Temporal reasoning for scenario recognition in video-surveillance using Bayesian networks
* Visual Target Tracking using Improved and Computationally Efficient Particle Filtering
* Visual Tracking Using Sequential Importance Sampling with a State Partition Technique
Includes: Noyer, J.C.[Jean Charles] Noyer, J.C.[Jean-Charles] Noyer, J.C.
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Noyes, J.M.[Jan M.] Co Author Listing * Selection of image fusion quality measures: Objective, subjective, and metric assessment

Noyes, K.J.[Katherine Junghenn] Co Author Listing * Wildfire Smoke Particle Properties and Evolution, from Space-Based Multi-Angle Imaging

Noyes, K.T.J.[Katherine T. Junghenn] Co Author Listing * Wildfire Smoke Particle Properties and Evolution, From Space-Based Multi-Angle Imaging II: The Williams Flats Fire during the FIREX-AQ Campaign

Noyes, S. Co Author Listing * Space-frequency localized image compression

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