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Ni, M.[Ming] Co Author Listing * Efficient 4D Non-local Tensor Total-Variation for Low-Dose CT Perfusion Deconvolution
* Forecasting the Subway Passenger Flow Under Event Occurrences With Social Media
* Individualized learning for improving kernel Fisher discriminant analysis
* L0-norm sparse representation based on modified genetic algorithm for face recognition
* Pattern matching by sequential subdivision of transformation space
Includes: Ni, M.[Ming] Ni, M. Ni, M.[Mingtian]

Ni, M.J.[Ming Jiu] Co Author Listing * unsupervised model for image classification, An
Includes: Ni, M.J.[Ming Jiu] Ni, M.J.[Ming-Jiu]

Ni, M.X.[Ming Xin] Co Author Listing * Transforming Least Squares to Weighted Least Squares for Accurate Range Image Registration
Includes: Ni, M.X.[Ming Xin] Ni, M.X.[Ming-Xin]

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