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Nesbit, P.R.[Paul Ryan] Co Author Listing * Direct Georeferencing UAV-SfM in High-Relief Topography: Accuracy Assessment and Alternative Ground Control Strategies along Steep Inaccessible Rock Slopes
* Enhancing UAV-SfM 3D Model Accuracy in High-Relief Landscapes by Incorporating Oblique Images

Nesbitt, D. Co Author Listing * LiDAR Sampling Density for Forest Resource Inventories in Ontario, Canada

Nesbitt, N. Co Author Listing * Evaluating leaf chlorophyll content prediction from multispectral remote sensing data within a physically-based modelling framework
* Hybrid Geometric Optical-Radiative Transfer Model Suitable for Forests on Slopes

Nesbitt, S.W.[Stephen W.] Co Author Listing * Backward Adaptive Brightness Temperature Threshold Technique (BAB3T): A Methodology to Determine Extreme Convective Initiation Regions Using Satellite Infrared Imagery
* Drop Size Distribution Variability in Central Argentina during RELAMPAGO-CACTI
* Evaluating the Detection of Mesoscale Outflow Boundaries Using Scatterometer Winds at Different Spatial Resolutions

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