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Naskali, A.T.[A. Teoman] Co Author Listing * 3D Scanner for Transparent Glass, A

Naskar, M.K.[Mrinal Kanti] Co Author Listing * Cytology Image Analysis Techniques Toward Automation: Systematically Revisited
* Human skin ringworm detection using wavelet and curvelet transforms: A Comparative Study

Naskar, R.[Ruchira] Co Author Listing * Blur-invariant copy-move forgery detection technique with improved detection accuracy utilising SWT-SVD
* Camera Source Identification Using Discrete Cosine Transform Residue Features and Ensemble Classifier
* Deep learning approach for segmentation of plain carbon steel microstructure images
* Deep Learning Based Counter-Forensic Image Classification for Camera Model Identification
* Discrete Cosine Transform Residual Feature Based Filtering Forgery and Splicing Detection in JPEG Images
* Eliminating the effects of illumination condition in feature based camera model identification
* Histogram-bin-shifting-based reversible watermarking for colour images
* Image splicing detection using low-dimensional feature vector of texture features and Haralick features based on Gray Level Co-occurrence Matrix
* K-unknown models detection through clustering in blind source camera identification
* Less is more: A minimalist approach to robust GAN-generated face detection
* Lossless data hiding for halftone images
* Performance of reversible digital image watermarking under error-prone data communication: a simulation-based study
* Reversible watermarking utilising weighted median-based prediction
* Review, analysis and parameterisation of techniques for copy-move forgery detection in digital images
* Robust Residual Dense Neural Network For Countering Antiforensic Attack on Median Filtered Images, A
Includes: Naskar, R.[Ruchira] Naskar, R.
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