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Nalwa, V.S.[Vishvjit S.] Co Author Listing * email: Nalwa, V.S.[Vishvjit S.]: vic AT bell-labs com
* Automatic Online Signature Verification
* Compact high resolution panoramic viewing system
* Edge-Detector Resolution Improvement by Image Interpolation
* Edgel Aggregation and Edge Description
* Experiments with a spatiotemporal correlator
* Guided Tour of Computer Vision, A
* Icon referenced panoramic image display
* Line-Drawing Interpretation: A Mathematical Framework
* Line-Drawing Interpretation: Bilateral Symmetry
* Line-Drawing Interpretation: Straight Lines and Conic Sections
* Method and system for panoramic viewing
* On Detecting Edges
* Panoramic viewing apparatus
* Panoramic viewing system with offset virtual optical centers
* Panoramic viewing system with shades
* Panoramic viewing system with support stand
* Representing Oriented Piecewise C^2 Surfaces
* Split mirrored panoramic image display
* Stereo panoramic viewing system
Includes: Nalwa, V.S.[Vishvjit S.] Nalwa, V.S. Nalwa, V.S.[Vishvjit Singh]
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