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Nalepa, J.[Jakub] Co Author Listing * Alternating Genetic Algorithm for Selecting SVM Model and Training Set, An
* Hand pose estimation using support vector machines with evolutionary training
* Self-Adaptive Skin Segmentation in Color Images
* Skin detection using spatial analysis with adaptive seed
* Spatial-based skin detection using discriminative skin-presence features
* Support Vector Machines Training Data Selection Using a Genetic Algorithm
* Texture Analysis for Identifying Heterogeneity in Medical Images
* Towards Detecting High-Uptake Lesions from Lung CT Scans Using Deep Learning
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Naletto, G. Co Author Listing * Estimate Of Dtm Degradation Due To Image Compression For The Stereo Camera Of The Bepicolombo Mission
* Evaluation Of Area-based Image Matching Applied To DTM Generation With Hirise Images

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