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Najaf Zadeh, H. Co Author Listing * VR-HDR: A system for view-dependent rendering of HDR video in virtual reality
Includes: Najaf Zadeh, H. Najaf-Zadeh, H.

Najafabadi, A.A.S.[Ali Asghar Sharifi] Co Author Listing * Removing redundancy data with preserving the structure and visuality in a database

Najafi, A.[Ali] Co Author Listing * Efficient Flow Processing in 5G-Envisioned SDN-Based Internet of Vehicles Using GPUs
* Evaluatin Of Potential Slope Failure Of Forest Roads Using Artificial Neural Network and GIS, The
* Nonlinear Dimensionality Reduction via Path-Based Isometric Mapping
Includes: Najafi, A.[Ali] Najafi, A.

Najafi, E.[Ehsan] Co Author Listing * Train Scheduling for Energy Optimization: Tehran Metro System as a Case Study, A

Najafi, H.[Hesam] Co Author Listing * email: Najafi, H.[Hesam]: Hesam Najafi AT siemens com
* Fusion of 3D and Appearance Models for Fast Object Detection and Pose Estimation

Najafi, M.[Mohammad] Co Author Listing * Cutting Edge: Soft Correspondences in Multimodal Scene Parsing
* Generalized Correlation-Based Model for Out-of-Plane Motion Estimation in Freehand Ultrasound, A
* Multi-modal Graphical Model for Scene Analysis, A
* Non-associative Higher-Order Markov Networks for Point Cloud Classification
* Sample and Filter: Nonparametric Scene Parsing via Efficient Filtering
Includes: Najafi, M.[Mohammad] Najafi, M.

Najafi, P.[Payam] Co Author Listing * Comparative Approach of Fuzzy Object Based Image Analysis and Machine Learning Techniques Which Are Applied to Crop Residue Cover Mapping by Using Sentinel-2 Satellite and UAV Imagery, A
* Fuzzy Object-Based Image Analysis Methods Using Sentinel-2A and Landsat-8 Data to Map and Characterize Soil Surface Residue

Najafi, Z. Co Author Listing * Vegetation Dynamics Trend Using Satellite Time Series Imagery

Najafian, K.[Keyhan] Co Author Listing * Deep Learning-Based Pipeline for Celiac Disease Diagnosis Using Histopathological Images, A
* Semi-self-supervised Learning Approach for Wheat Head Detection using Extremely Small Number of Labeled Samples, A

Najafian, M.[Maryam] Co Author Listing * Energy-Based Global Ternary Image for Action Recognition Using Sole Depth Sequences

Najafirad, P.[Peyman] Co Author Listing * Generalized Zero-Shot Learning Using Multimodal Variational Auto-Encoder With Semantic Concepts
* Supervising Remote Sensing Change Detection Models With 3d Surface Semantics

Najafzadeh, F.[Faezeh] Co Author Listing * Spatial and Temporal Analysis of Surface Urban Heat Island and Thermal Comfort Using Landsat Satellite Images between 1989 and 2019: A Case Study in Tehran

Najafzadeh, N.[Nima] Co Author Listing * Face Image Quality Vector Assessment for Biometrics Applications

Najah, S.[Said] Co Author Listing * Fractional-order generalized Laguerre moments and moment invariants for grey-scale image analysis
* Fractional-order orthogonal Chebyshev Moments and Moment Invariants for image representation and pattern recognition
* Unsupervised change detection method in SAR images based on deep belief network using an improved fuzzy C-means clustering algorithm

Najam, Z. Co Author Listing * Silicon Solutions for Recordable DVD Products: Enabling Storage of Digital Video for Mass Markets

Najand, S. Co Author Listing * Signal-to-Noise Ratio in the Reconstruction of the Intensity Dependent Spread (IDS) Filter

Najar, F.[Fatma] Co Author Listing * Generalized Inverted Dirichlet Optimal Predictor for Image Inpainting
* Image Categorization Using Agglomerative Clustering Based Smoothed Dirichlet Mixtures
* Unsupervised Human Action Categorization Using a Riemannian Averaged Fixed-Point Learning of Multivariate GGMM

Najar, M. Co Author Listing * Joint Wall Mitigation and Compressive Sensing for Indoor Image Reconstruction

Najarian, K.[Kayvan] Co Author Listing * Actual Midline Estimation from Brain CT Scan Using Multiple Regions Shape Matching
* Aggregation of Rich Depth-Aware Features in a Modified Stacked Generalization Model for Single Image Depth Estimation
* Biomedical Image Segmentation Based on Shape Stability
* Blind Stereo Quality Assessment Based on Learned Features From Binocular Combined Images
* Bone extraction in X-ray images by analysis of line fluctuations
* Bone segmentation and 3D visualization of CT images for traumatic pelvic injuries
* Boosted Dictionary Learning for Image Compression
* Denoising by low-rank and sparse representations
* Employing Decoding of Specific Error Correcting Codes as a New Classification Criterion in Multiclass Learning Problems
* Fast exposure fusion using exposedness function
* Liver Segmentation in CT Images Using Three Dimensional to Two Dimensional Fully Convolutional Network
* Low Complexity Convolutional Neural Network for Vessel Segmentation in Portable Retinal Diagnostic Devices
* Low-rank regularized collaborative filtering for image denoising
* Process mapping and functional correlation in surface metrology: A novel clustering application
* Quality assessment of retargeted images by salient region deformity analysis
* Radon transform inspired method for hand gesture recognition
* Real-time removal of random value impulse noise in medical images
* Single image depth estimation using joint local-global features
* Skin lesion segmentation in clinical images using deep learning
* Texture Analysis of Brain CT Scans for ICP Prediction
* Vessel region detection in coronary X-ray angiograms
Includes: Najarian, K.[Kayvan] Najarian, K.
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Najariani, K. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Specular Reflection Detection and Inpainting in Colonoscopy Video Frames

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