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Mussa, A.W. Co Author Listing * intelligent perception system for food quality inspection using color analysis, An

Mussa, H.Y.[Hamse Y.] Co Author Listing * Parzen Window method: In terms of two vectors and one matrix, The

Mussabayev, R.[Ravil] Co Author Listing * How to Use K-means for Big Data Clustering?
* How to Use K-means for Big Data Clustering?
Includes: Mussabayev, R.[Ravil] Mussabayev, R.[Rustam]

Mussabayeva, A.[Ayagoz] Co Author Listing * Diffeomorphic Metric Learning and Template Optimization for Registration-based Predictive Models

Mussack, C.J.[Christopher J.] Co Author Listing * Method and apparatus for zooming digital images

Mussack, T. Co Author Listing * Intraoperative Laparoscope Augmentation for Port Placement and Resection Planning in Minimally Invasive Liver Resection

Mussadiq, S.[Shafaq] Co Author Listing * Projection on Suitable Sub-surface Selected in Indoor Environment

Mussah, A.R.[Abdul Rashid] Co Author Listing * DeepSegmenter: Temporal Action Localization for Detecting Anomalies in Untrimmed Naturalistic Driving Videos

Musse, M.[Maja] Co Author Listing * Multi-Exponential Transverse Relaxation Times Estimation From Magnetic Resonance Images Under Rician Noise and Spatial Regularization
* Spatially Regularized Multi-Exponential Transverse Relaxation Times Estimation from Magnitude Magnetic Resonance Images Under Rician Noise

Musse, O. Co Author Listing * 3D Deformable Image Matching Using Multiscale Minimization of Global Energy Functions
* Construction of a 3d Physically-based Multi-object Deformable Model
* Fast deformable matching of 3D images over multiscale nested subspaces. Application to atlas-based MRI segmentation
* Topology Preserving Deformable Image Matching Using Constrained Hierarchical Parametric Models
Includes: Musse, O. Musse, O.[Olivier]

Musse, S. Co Author Listing * Framework to Investigate Behavioural Models, A

Musse, S.R. Co Author Listing * Background Subtraction Model Adapted to Illumination Changes, A
* Conference on graphics, patterns and images
* Crowd Simulation
* CrowdEst: a method for estimating (and not simulating) crowd evacuation parameters in generic environments
* Detecting personality and emotion traits in crowds from video sequences
* Detection of Global and Local Motion Changes in Human Crowds
* Event Detection Using Trajectory Clustering and 4-D Histograms
* Head-shoulder human contour estimation in still images
* How Does Computer Animation Affect Our Perception of Emotions in Video Summarization?
* Human upper body identification from images
* Procedural floor plan generation from building sketches
* Self-occlusion and 3D pose estimation in still images
* Skeleton-based human segmentation in still images
* Towards the Creation of Spontaneous Datasets Based on Youtube Reaction Videos
* Using group behaviors to detect Hofstede cultural dimensions
Includes: Musse, S.R. Musse, S.R.[Soraia Raupp] Musse, S.R.[Soraia R.]
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Mussef, S.R. Co Author Listing * Crowd Analysis Using Computer Vision Techniques

Mussetta, M. Co Author Listing * Architecture and Methods for Innovative Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Network Applications
* Novel Speed-Bump Design and Optimization for Energy Harvesting From Traffic

Mussi, L.[Luca] Co Author Listing * Artificial Creatures for Object Tracking and Segmentation
* Hybrid Stereo Sensor with Omnidirectional Vision Capabilities: Overview and Calibration Procedures

Mussi, P. Co Author Listing * Polyhedral Approximation of 3-D Objects Without Holes

Mussig, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * VR Office Applying Modern Search and Filter Concepts for Knowledge Workers, A
Includes: Mussig, D.[Daniel] Müssig, D.[Daniel] (Maybe also Muessig, D.)

Mussio, L. Co Author Listing * 3D Structure Analysis: Architecture as an Expression of the Ties Between Geometry and Philosophy
* Common Evolution of Geometry And Architecture From A Geodetic Point Of View, The
* Reconstructing CCTV, Beijing
* Targetless Camera Calibration
* Use of 3D modeling for archeological archiving in a sensible area

Mussio, P. Co Author Listing * Approach to the Definition, Description, and Extraction of Structures in Binary Digital Images, An
* Attributed conditional L-systems: a tool for image description
* Combining resolution and granularity for pattern recognition
* Design of a visual environment for evaluating and customizing medical image compression techniques
* Dynamical Organisation for Situated Image Interpretation, A
* Knowledge-Based Contextual Recognition and Seiving of Digital Images
* Matching the Resolution Level to Salient Image Features
* Metareasoning as a tool for pattern recognition
* Metareasoning in the Determination of Image Interpretation Strategies
* Modeling visual interactive systems through dynamic visual languages
* Modelling rain patterns: towards automatic interpretation of radar images
* Situated Image Understanding in a Multiagent Framework
* Structural characterisation of image processing operators
* System for Form-Feature-Based Interpretation of Technical Drawings, A
* Visual Interactive Systems for End-User Development: A Model-Based Design Methodology
Includes: Mussio, P. Mussio, P.[Piero]
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Musso, A.[Antonio] Co Author Listing * Testing an innovative predictive management system for bus fleets: outcomes from the Ravenna case study

Musso, C.[Christian] Co Author Listing * influence of communication bandwidth on target tracking with angle only measurements from two platforms, The

Musso, E.[Emilio] Co Author Listing * Invariant Signatures of Closed Planar Curves

Musso, M. Co Author Listing * MAP Particle Selection in Shape-Based Object Tracking

Mussone, L.[Lorenzo] Co Author Listing * comparison of two Monte Carlo algorithms for 3D vehicle trajectory reconstruction in roundabouts, A

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