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Moto, R.A.T.[Rajiv Albino Torreao] Co Author Listing * Normalization Methods Analysis Applied to Face Recognition

Motobayashi, M.[Masahiro] Co Author Listing * Semi-supervised Clustering Framework Based on Active Learning for Real Data

Motogo, R.N.[R. Ncogo] Co Author Listing * Congo Basin Forest Cover Change Estimate for 1990, 2000 and 2005 by Landsat Interpretation Using an Automated Object-Based Processing Chain

Motohashi, H.[Hiroomi] Co Author Listing * Low-Complexity Coarse-Level Mode-Mapping Based H.264/AVC to H.264/SVC Spatial Transcoding for Video Conferencing

Motohashi, K. Co Author Listing * Flooded Area Extraction of Rice Paddy Field in Indonesia Using Sentinel-1 Sar Data

Motohashi, S. Co Author Listing * Blind image restoration utilizing total variation regularization, shock filter and gradient reliability map

Motohisa, J.[Junich] Co Author Listing * Local adaptive tone mapping with composite multiple gamma functions
* O(1) bilateral filtering with low memory usage
Includes: Motohisa, J.[Junich] Motohisa, J.[Junichi]

Motohka, T. Co Author Listing * Applicability of Green-Red Vegetation Index for Remote Sensing of Vegetation Phenology
* Assessment of PALSAR-2 Compact Non-Circularity Using Amazonian Rainforests
* Burst Misalignment Evaluation for ALOS-2 PALSAR-2 ScanSAR-ScanSAR Interferometry
* Calibration and Validation of Polarimetric ALOS2-PALSAR2
* Mapping Aboveground Biomass in Northern Japanese Forests Using the ALOS PRISM Digital Surface Model
* Multitemporal Fluctuations in L-Band Backscatter From a Japanese Forest
Includes: Motohka, T. Motohka, T.[Takeshi]

Motoi, I.M.[Ionut Marian] Co Author Listing * Pseudo-label Generation for Agricultural Robotics Applications

Motoi, T.[Takuma] Co Author Listing * Protein-based optical filters for image processinge

Motoike, J.[Jun] Co Author Listing * Image data processor
* Visual information processing apparatus

Motoiwa, K.[Kouji] Co Author Listing * Document character reading system

Motojima, Y. Co Author Listing * Global Mapping Project: Applications and Development of Version 2 Dataset

Motomura, K.[Koyo] Co Author Listing * Algorithms for connected component labeling based on quadtrees

Motomura, M. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Global and Local Tone Mapping Algorithm Implemented on FPGA, An
* Real-Time Tone Mapping: A Survey and Cross-Implementation Hardware Benchmark
Includes: Motomura, M. Motomura, M.[Masato]

Motomura, Y. Co Author Listing * probabilistic model for appearance-based robot localization, A

Motonaga, K.[Keiko] Co Author Listing * Recognition of Multiple Food Items in A Single Photo for Use in A Buffet-Style Restaurant

Motooka, K. Co Author Listing * Direct Generation of Regular-Grid Ground Surface Map from In-Vehicle Stereo Image Sequences

Motooka, T.[Takeshi] Co Author Listing * High-resolution satellite radar for mapping changes in global forest cover

Motorcu, H.[Hakki] Co Author Listing * VisDrone-MOT2021: The Vision Meets Drone Multiple Object Tracking Challenge Results

Motos, D.[Dionisis] Co Author Listing * DICE: Digital Immersive Cultural Environment

Motoyama, T. Co Author Listing * Table form document synthesis by grammar-based structure analysis

Motoyoshi, I.[Isamu] Co Author Listing * Perception of human skin conditions and image statistics

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