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Mola Yudego, B.[Blas] Co Author Listing * How Much Can We See from a UAV-Mounted Regular Camera? Remote Sensing-Based Estimation of Forest Attributes in South American Native Forests
Includes: Mola Yudego, B.[Blas] Mola-Yudego, B.[Blas]

Mola, M.[Martino] Co Author Listing * change-detection algorithm based on structure and colour, A
* Change-Detection Algorithm Enabling Intelligent Background Maintenance, A
* efficient algorithm for exhaustive template matching based on normalized cross correlation, An

Molada Tebar, A. Co Author Listing * Characterisation of Intensity Values On Terrestrial Laser Scanning For Recording Enhancement
* Dominant Color Extraction with K-Means for Camera Characterization in Cultural Heritage Documentation
Includes: Molada Tebar, A. Molada-Tebar, A. Molada-Tebar, A.[Adolfo]

Molaei, B.[Behnaz] Co Author Listing * Assessing Suitability of Auto-Selection of Hot and Cold Anchor Pixels of the UAS-METRIC Model for Developing Crop Water Use Maps
* High-Resolution Spatiotemporal Water Use Mapping of Surface and Direct-Root-Zone Drip-Irrigated Grapevines Using UAS-Based Thermal and Multispectral Remote Sensing

Molaei, M.[Mohsen] Co Author Listing * Joint Multiview Fused ELM Learning with Propagation Filter for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Sparse Coding Driven Deep Decision Tree Ensembles for Nucleus Segmentation in Digital Pathology Images

Molaei, S.M. Co Author Listing * analytical review for event prediction system on time series, An

Molaie, M.[Mahdi] Co Author Listing * Auto-Driving Policies in Highway based on Distributional Deep Reinforcement Learning
* Thigh muscle segmentation using a hybrid FRFCM-based multi-atlas method and morphology-based interpolation algorithm
Includes: Molaie, M.[Mahdi] Molaie, M.[Malihe]

Molan, Y.E.[Yusuf Eshqi] Co Author Listing * Can InSAR Coherence and Closure Phase Be Used to Estimate Soil Moisture Changes?
* Ground Displacements in NY Using Persistent Scatterer Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar and Comparison of X- and C-Band Data
* Influence of the Statistical Properties of Phase and Intensity on Closure Phase
* L-Band Temporal Coherence Assessment and Modeling Using Amplitude and Snow Depth over Interior Alaska
* Modeling Wildfire-Induced Permafrost Deformation in an Alaskan Boreal Forest Using InSAR Observations
Includes: Molan, Y.E.[Yusuf Eshqi] Molan, Y.E.

Molana, R. Co Author Listing * Multispectral Skin Color Modeling
* single-perspective novel panoramic view from radially distorted non-central images, A

Molander, S. Co Author Listing * Knowledge-based segmentation and state-based control in image analysis: Two examples from the biomedical domain

Molano, R.[Ruben] Co Author Listing * Algorithm to Compute Any Simple k-gon of a Maximum Area or Perimeter Inscribed in a Region of Interest, An

Molano, T.[Tatiana] Co Author Listing * Ultrasonic Assessment of Platelet-Rich Plasma by Digital Signal Processing Techniques

Molaro, J.L.[Jamie L.] Co Author Listing * Particle Size-Frequency Distributions of the OSIRIS-REx Candidate Sample Sites on Asteroid (101955) Bennu

Molavi Gonabadi, M. Co Author Listing * Examining Associations of The Socioeconomic Characteristics With The Number of Geo-tagged Tweets in Census Block Level (case Study: Boston)

Molavi, M. Co Author Listing * Exploring Driving Factors of Higher Paid Taxi Trips Using Origin-destination Gps Data (case Study: Green Taxis of New York City)
* Spatio-temporal Assessment of Mixed Land-use Impact On Travel Demand

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