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Miike, H.[Hidetoshi] Co Author Listing * Detection of motion fields under spatio-temporal non-uniform illumination
* Determining Motion Fields Under Nonuniform Illumination
* Edge strength evaluation with reaction-diffusion systems
* Error Sources and Error Reduction in Gradient-based Method with Local Optimization
* Field Theory Approach for Determining Optical Flow
* Long-Range Inhibition in Reaction-Diffusion Algorithms Designed for Edge Detection and Stereo Disparity Detection
* Motion enhancement for preprocessing of optical flow detection and scientific visualization
* off-line signature verification system using an extracted displacement function, An
* Reaction-diffusion algorithm for stereo disparity detection
* Recovering 3D Shape and Texture from Continuous Focus Series: Using a Polarized Filter
* Stereo Vision System with the Grouping Process of Multiple Reaction-Diffusion Models
Includes: Miike, H.[Hidetoshi] Miike, H.
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