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Mery, D.[Domingo] Co Author Listing * Accuracy Estimation of Detection of Casting Defects in X-Ray Images Using Some Statistical Techniques
* Action Recognition in Video Using Sparse Coding and Relative Features
* Advances on Automated Multiple View Inspection
* Automated detection in complex objects using a tracking algorithm in multiple X-ray views
* Automated Detection of Fish Bones in Salmon Fillets Using X-ray Testing
* Automated Detection of Threat Objects Using Adapted Implicit Shape Model
* Automated Multiple View Inspection Based on Uncalibrated Image Sequences
* Automated Visual Inspection of Glass Bottles Using Adapted Median Filtering
* Automated X-Ray Object Recognition Using an Efficient Search Algorithm in Multiple Views
* Automatic Defect Recognition in X-Ray Testing Using Computer Vision
* Automatic facial attribute analysis via adaptive sparse representation of random patches
* Automatic multiple view inspection using geometrical tracking and feature analysis in aluminum wheels
* Automatic Multiple Visual Inspection on Non-calibrated Image Sequence with Intermediate Classifier Block
* Automatic Selection and Detection of Visual Landmarks Using Multiple Segmentations
* Bifocal Matching Using Multiple Geometrical Solutions
* Bimodal Biometric Person Identification System Under Perturbations
* Crossing Line Profile: A New Approach to Detecting Defects in Aluminium Die Casting
* Dynamic Signature Recognition Based on Fisher Discriminant
* Face Analysis: State of the Art and Ethical Challenges
* Face recognition in low-quality images using adaptive sparse representations
* Face Recognition with Decision Tree-Based Local Binary Patterns
* Human Action Recognition from Inter-temporal Dictionaries of Key-Sequences
* Improving Tracking Algorithms Using Saliency
* Iris Segmentation Using Geodesic Active Contours and GrabCut
* Joint Dictionary and Classifier Learning for Categorization of Images Using a Max-margin Framework
* Learning discriminative local binary patterns for face recognition
* Logarithmic X-Ray Imaging Model for Baggage Inspection: Simulation and Object Detection, A
* Modern Computer Vision Techniques for X-Ray Testing in Baggage Inspection
* Neuro-Fuzzy Method for Automated Defect Detection in Aluminium Castings
* Object Recognition in Baggage Inspection Using Adaptive Sparse Representations of X-ray Images
* On Black-Box Explanation for Face Verification
* Probabilistic Iterative Local Search Algorithm Applied to Full Model Selection, A
* Recognition of Facial Attributes Using Adaptive Sparse Representations of Random Patches
* Robust Tree-Ring Detection
* Student Attendance System in Crowded Classrooms Using a Smartphone Camera
* Tracking of Points in a Calibrated and Noisy Image Sequence
* True Black-Box Explanation in Facial Analysis
* Visual Recognition to Access and Analyze People Density and Flow Patterns in Indoor Environments
* X-Ray Testing by Computer Vision
Includes: Mery, D.[Domingo] Mery, D.
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Meryem, C.[Cherrate] Co Author Listing * Moroccan sign language recognition based on machine learning

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