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Melnichenko, M. Co Author Listing * Semi-automatic Cityscape 3d Model Restoration Using Generative Adversarial Network

Melnichenko, O.[Oleg] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Aquarius Sea Surface Salinity
* Observations of Mesoscale Eddies in Satellite SSS and Inferred Eddy Salt Transport
* Satellite-Observed Time and Length Scales of Global Sea Surface Salinity Variability: A Comparison of Three Satellite Missions

Melnik, E. Co Author Listing * system for automatic vectorization and interpretation of map-drawings, A

Melnik, K.O.[Katharine O.] Co Author Listing * Mixed Methods Approach for Fuel Characterisation in Gorse (Ulex europaeus L.) Scrub from High-Density UAV Laser Scanning Point Clouds and Semantic Segmentation of UAV Imagery, A

Melnik, O.[Ofer] Co Author Listing * Mixed Group Ranks: Preference and Confidence in Classifier Combination

Melnik, S. Co Author Listing * Beam Hardening Correction Using Cone Beam Consistency Conditions

Melnik, V.P. Co Author Listing * Digital Adaptive Robust Algorithms for Radar Image Filtering
* Image Denoising using a Block-Median Pyramid
* Markov Random Field Modeling in Median Pyramidal Transform Domain for Denoising Applications
* Nonlinear Locally Adaptive and Iterative Algorithms of Image Restoration
* Removing Impulse Bursts from Images by Training-Based Filtering
Includes: Melnik, V.P. Melnik, V.P.[Vladimir P.]

Melnikov, A.[Aleksandr] Co Author Listing * Audiovisual Liveness Detection
* Doppelganger Mining for Face Representation Learning
* Face Representation Learning using Composite Mini-Batches
* Hard Example Mining with Auxiliary Embeddings
* Interactive Photo Liveness for Presentation Attacks Detection
* Morphometric Analysis of Groundwater Icings: Intercomparison of Estimation Techniques
Includes: Melnikov, A.[Aleksandr] Melnikov, A. Melnikov, A.[Andrey]

Melnikov, G. Co Author Listing * Joint Optimal Object Shape Estimation and Encoding
* Jointly Optimal Coding of Texture and Shape
* Jointly Optimal Inter-mode Shape Coding and VLC Selection
* Rate distortion optimal ECG signal compression
* Shape Approximation Through Recursive Scalable Layer Generation
* Shape Coding Using Temporal Correlation and Joint VLC Optimization
* Simultaneous optimal boundary encoding and variable-length code selection
Includes: Melnikov, G. Melnikov, G.[Gerry]
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Melnikov, V.[Vasiliy] Co Author Listing * Mesoscale Eddies in the Black Sea and Their Impact on River Plumes: Numerical Modeling and Satellite Observations
* Mesoscale Eddy Chain Structures in the Black Sea and Their Interaction with River Plumes: Numerical Modeling and Satellite Observations

Melnikov, V.M. Co Author Listing * Method to Increase the Scanning Rate of Phased-Array Weather Radar, A

Melnikova, I.[Irina] Co Author Listing * Estimation of Leaf Area Index in a Mountain Forest of Central Japan with a 30-m Spatial Resolution Based on Landsat Operational Land Imager Imagery: An Application of a Simple Model for Seasonal Monitoring

Melnikova, O. Co Author Listing * 3D Buildings Extraction from Aerial Images

Melnyk, G.[Grygory] Co Author Listing * Regions Matching Algorithms Analysis to Quantify the Image Segmentation Results

Melnyk, I.[Igor] Co Author Listing * Adversarial Semantic Alignment for Improved Image Captions

Melnyk, P.[Pavlo] Co Author Listing * Embed Me If You Can: A Geometric Perceptron

Melnyk, R.[Roman] Co Author Listing * Noise Preserving Sharpening Filter for CT Image Enhancement, A

Melnykov, V.[Volodymyr] Co Author Listing * Conditional mixture modeling and model-based clustering
* On finite mixture modeling and model-based clustering of directed weighted multilayer networks

Melnykov, Y.[Yana] Co Author Listing * On finite mixture modeling and model-based clustering of directed weighted multilayer networks

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