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McDuff, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Beat-to-Beat Cardiac Pulse Rate Measurement From Video
* Benefit of Distraction: Denoising Camera-Based Physiological Measurements using Inverse Attention, The
* Camera Measurement of Physiological Vital Signs
* Combining Magnification and Measurement for Non-Contact Cardiac Monitoring
* Deep Super Resolution for Recovering Physiological Information from Videos
* EfficientPhys: Enabling Simple, Fast and Accurate Camera-Based Cardiac Measurement
* Facial Expression Grounded Conversational Dialogue Generation
* Faded Smiles? A Largescale Observational Study of Smiling from Adolescence to Old Age
* Federated Remote Physiological Measurement with Imperfect Data
* Longitudinal Observational Evidence of the Impact of Emotion Regulation Strategies on Affective Expression
* Meta-Analysis of the Impact of Skin Type and Gender on Non-contact Photoplethysmography Measurements, A
* Real-Time Physiological Measurement and Visualization Using a Synchronized Multi-camera System
* Seeing Beneath the Skin with Computational Photography
* Spatio-Temporal Attention and Magnification for Classification of Parkinson's Disease from Videos Collected via the Internet
Includes: McDuff, D.[Daniel] McDuff, D. Mcduff, D.[Daniel]
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McDuff, D.J.[Daniel J.] Co Author Listing * Acume: A new visualization tool for understanding facial expression and gesture data
* Affect valence inference from facial action unit spectrograms
* Affectiva-MIT Facial Expression Dataset (AM-FED): Naturalistic and Spontaneous Facial Expressions Collected In-the-Wild
* AM-FED+: An Extended Dataset of Naturalistic Facial Expressions Collected in Everyday Settings
* Applications of Automated Facial Coding in Media Measurement
* Automatic measurement of ad preferences from facial responses gathered over the Internet
* Combating the Impact of Video Compression on Non-Contact Vital Sign Measurement Using Supervised Learning
* Crowdsourcing Facial Responses to Online Videos
* DeepPhys: Video-Based Physiological Measurement Using Convolutional Attention Networks
* Event detection: Ultra large-scale clustering of facial expressions
* Exploiting sparsity and co-occurrence structure for action unit recognition
* Exploring Temporal Patterns in Classifying Frustrated and Delighted Smiles
* Facial Action Unit Detection Using Active Learning and an Efficient Non-linear Kernel Approximation
* From dials to facial coding: Automated detection of spontaneous facial expressions for media research
* Historical Heterogeneity Predicts Smiling: Evidence from Large-Scale Observational Analyses
* Impact of Video Compression on Remote Cardiac Pulse Measurement Using Imaging Photoplethysmography, The
* Large-scale Affective Content Analysis: Combining Media Content Features and Facial Reactions
* Predicting Ad Liking and Purchase Intent: Large-Scale Analysis of Facial Responses to Ads
* Predicting online media effectiveness based on smile responses gathered over the Internet
* Real-time inference of mental states from facial expressions and upper body gestures
* Unpaired Image-to-Speech Synthesis With Multimodal Information Bottleneck
Includes: McDuff, D.J.[Daniel J.] McDuff, D.J.
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McDuffie, J. Co Author Listing * TES Ground Data System Software

McDuffie, J.L. Co Author Listing * Vicarious Calibration of Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2

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