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Maxim, V. Co Author Listing * Filtered Backprojection Reconstruction and Redundancy in Compton Camera Imaging

Maximenko, N.[Nikolai] Co Author Listing * Measuring Marine Plastic Debris from Space: Initial Assessment of Observation Requirements

Maximo, A.[Andre] Co Author Listing * Efficient finite impulse response filters in massively-parallel recursive systems
Includes: Maximo, A.[Andre] Maximo, A.[André]

Maximo, M.[Marcos] Co Author Listing * Using Deep Learning to Map Ionospheric Total Electron Content over Brazil

Maximov, I.I. Co Author Listing * Probing Surface-to-Volume Ratio of an Anisotropic Medium by Diffusion NMR with General Gradient Encoding

Maximov, M.[Maxim] Co Author Listing * 4D Panoptic LiDAR Segmentation
* CIAGAN: Conditional Identity Anonymization Generative Adversarial Networks
* Coming Down to Earth: Satellite-to-Street View Synthesis for Geo-Localization
* Decoupling Identity and Visual Quality for Image and Video Anonymization
* Deep Appearance Maps
* Focus on Defocus: Bridging the Synthetic to Real Domain Gap for Depth Estimation
* LIME: Live Intrinsic Material Estimation
Includes: Maximov, M.[Maxim] Maximov, M.
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Maximov, S.[Sergey] Co Author Listing * Industrial bank check processing: the A2iA CheckReaderTM

Maximov, T.[Trofim] Co Author Listing * Evaluating the Differenced Normalized Burn Ratio for Assessing Fire Severity Using Sentinel-2 Imagery in Northeast Siberian Larch Forests

Maxion, R.A.[Roy A.] Co Author Listing * On User Interaction Behavior as Evidence for Computer Forensic Analysis

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