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Mash, R.[Robert] Co Author Listing * Improved Aircraft Recognition for Aerial Refueling Through Data Augmentation in Convolutional Neural Networks

Mashaba Munghemezulu, Z.[Zinhle] Co Author Listing * Earth Observation Systems and Pasture Modeling: A Bibliometric Trend Analysis
* Mapping Smallholder Maize Farms Using Multi-Temporal Sentinel-1 Data in Support of the Sustainable Development Goals
Includes: Mashaba Munghemezulu, Z.[Zinhle] Mashaba-Munghemezulu, Z.[Zinhle]

Mashadi, B.[Behrooz] Co Author Listing * Energy Management of a Dual-Mode Power-Split Powertrain Based on the Pontryagin's Minimum Principle

Mashal, M.[Mustafa] Co Author Listing * Visualization of Macroscopic Structure of Ultra-high Performance Concrete Based on X-ray Computed Tomography Using Immersive Environments

Mashala, M.J.[Makgabo Johanna] Co Author Listing * Systematic Review on Advancements in Remote Sensing for Assessing and Monitoring Land Use and Land Cover Changes Impacts on Surface Water Resources in Semi-Arid Tropical Environments, A

Mashali, S.[Samia] Co Author Listing * Sketch recognition using particle swarm algorithms

Mashaly, A.S.[Ahmed S.] Co Author Listing * Performance Assessment of Sky Segmentation Approaches for UAVs

Mashaly, J.[Jehan] Co Author Listing * Flash Flood Hazard Using Optical, Radar, and Stereo-Pair Derived DEM: Eastern Desert, Egypt

Mashao, D.J.[Daniel J.] Co Author Listing * Combining classifier decisions for robust speaker identification
* Modified Segmental Histogram Equalization for robust speaker verification

Mashari, M. Co Author Listing * Optimizing Energy Consumption of Vehicle Sensor Networks Based On The K-means Clustering Method and Ant Colony Algorithm

Mashayekhi, M. Co Author Listing * Modular Colored Stochastic Petri Net for Modeling and Analysis of Signalized Intersections, A

Mashayekhi, R.[Rabab] Co Author Listing * Assessing the Impact of Corona-Virus-19 on Nitrogen Dioxide Levels over Southern Ontario, Canada

Mashburn, J. Co Author Listing * Global Ocean Altimetry With GNSS Reflections From TechDemoSat-1
* Improved GNSS-R Ocean Surface Altimetry With CYGNSS in the Seas of Indonesia

Mashford, J. Co Author Listing * Approach Using Mathematical Morphology and Support Vector Machines to Detect Features in Pipe Images, An
* Automatic Interpretation of Remotely Sensed Images for Urban Form Assessment
* Superpixels via pseudo-Boolean optimization
* Superpixels, Occlusion and Stereo
Includes: Mashford, J. Mashford, J.[John]

Mashhadi, F. Co Author Listing * novel resource scheduling approach to improve the reliability of Shuffle-exchange networks, A

Mashhadi, M.B.[Mahdi Boloursaz] Co Author Listing * Feedback Acquisition and Reconstruction of Spectrum-Sparse Signals by Predictive Level Comparisons
* Heart Rate Tracking using Wrist-Type Photoplethysmographic (PPG) Signals during Physical Exercise with Simultaneous Accelerometry
Includes: Mashhadi, M.B.[Mahdi Boloursaz] Mashhadi, M.B.[M. Boloursaz]

Mashhadi, N.[Nooshin] Co Author Listing * Characterizing Transitions between Successional Stages in a Tropical Dry Forest Using LiDAR Techniques
* Evaluating BFASTMonitor Algorithm in Monitoring Deforestation Dynamics in Coniferous and Deciduous Forests with LANDSAT Time Series: A Case Study on Marmara Region, Turkey

Mashhadi, S.K.M.[Seyed Kamaleddin Mousavi] Co Author Listing * Adaptive robust control of a four-cable-driven parallel robot

Mashikhin, A.[Anton] Co Author Listing * DeepLandscape: Adversarial Modeling of Landscape Videos
* Resolution-robust Large Mask Inpainting with Fourier Convolutions

Mashimbye, Z.E.[Zama Eric] Co Author Listing * Climate-Based Regionalization and Inclusion of Spectral Indices for Enhancing Transboundary Land-Use/Cover Classification Using Deep Learning and Machine Learning

Mashita, T. Co Author Listing * bone marrow cavity segmentation method using wavelet-based texture feature, A
* Calibration Method for Misaligned Catadioptric Camera
* Feature Description with Feature Point Registration Error Using Local and Global Point Cloud Encoders
* Improving Pointing Direction Estimation by Considering Hand- and Ocular-Dominance
* Investigation on the peripheral visual field for information display with real and virtual wide field-of-view see-through HMDs
* Wide-Range Tracking of Hands in Real-Time
Includes: Mashita, T. Mashita, T.[Tomohiro]

Mashkaria, S.[Satvik] Co Author Listing * Semi-supervised Generalized VAE Framework for Abnormality Detection using One-Class Classification, A

Mashkin, I.[Ivan] Co Author Listing * Towards lifelong object recognition: A dataset and benchmark

Mashkit, N.[Nachum] Co Author Listing * Noise smoothing by a fast K-nearest neighbour algorithm

Mashkuri, Y. Co Author Listing * Hardware design of on-line Jawi character recognition chip using discrete wavelet transform

Mashohor, S. Co Author Listing * new method for MR grayscale inhomogeneity correction, A
* Review of brain MRI image segmentation methods

Mashonjowa, E.[Emmanuel] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Different Cropland Classification Methods under Diversified Agroecological Conditions in the Zambezi River Basin
* Spatiotemporal Analysis of Precipitation in the Sparsely Gauged Zambezi River Basin Using Remote Sensing and Google Earth Engine

Mashor, M.Y.[Mohd Yusoff] Co Author Listing * Colour thresholding-based automatic Ki67 counting procedure for Immunohistochemical staining in meningioma

Mashtakov, A.[Alexey] Co Author Listing * email: Mashtakov, A.[Alexey]: alexey mashtakov AT gmail com
* Data-Driven Sub-Riemannian Geodesics in SE(2)
* PDE Approach to Data-Driven Sub-Riemannian Geodesics in SE(2), A
* Sub-Riemannian Fast Marching in SE(2)
* Tracking of Lines in Spherical Images via Sub-Riemannian Geodesics in SO(3)
Includes: Mashtakov, A.[Alexey] Mashtakov, A.

Mashtalir, V. Co Author Listing * Block-diagonal form of distance matrix for region-based image retrieval
* Method of Creating of Functional Invariants under One-Parameter Geometric Image Transformations
* Novel Metric on Partitions for Image Segmentation, A
Includes: Mashtalir, V. Mashtalir, V.[Vladimir]

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