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Malgina, O. Co Author Listing * Inhomogeneity correction and fat-tissue extraction in MR images of FacioScapuloHumeral muscular Dystrophy

Malgireddy, M.R.[Manavender R.] Co Author Listing * Framework for Hand Gesture Recognition and Spotting Using Sub-gesture Modeling, A
* generative framework to investigate the underlying patterns in human activities, A
* Shared Parameter Model for Gesture and Sub-gesture Analysis, A
* temporal Bayesian model for classifying, detecting and localizing activities in video sequences, A

Malgouyres, F. Co Author Listing * Combining Total Variation and Wavelet Packet Approaches for Image Deblurring
* Edge direction preserving image zooming: A mathematical and numerical analysis
* Image Compression Through a Projection onto a Polyhedral Set
* Minimizing the total variation under a general convex constraint for image restoration
* Multilayer Joint Segmentation Using MRF and Graph Cuts
* Numerical study of an optimization problem for mosaic active imaging
* Predual Proximal Point Algorithm Solving a Non Negative Basis Pursuit Denoising Model, A
* Reducing graphs in graph cut segmentation
* Regularized Non-local Total Variation and Application in Image Restoration
* Simultaneous Segmentation and Filtering via Reduced Graph Cuts
* Total variation based oversampling of noisy images
* Toward Fast Transform Learning
Includes: Malgouyres, F. Malgouyres, F.[François] Malgouyres, F.[Francois]
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Malgouyres, R.[Remy] Co Author Listing * Binomial Convolutions and Derivatives Estimation from Noisy Discretizations
* Characterization of Simple Closed Surfaces in Z3: A New Proposition with a Graph-Theoretical Approach
* Complete Local Characterization of Strong 26-Surfaces: Continuous Analogs for Strong 26-Surfaces
* Convergence of Binomial-Based Derivative Estimation for C2 Noisy Discretized Curves
* Convergence of Level-Wise Convolution Differential Estimators
* Determining Whether a Simplicial 3-Complex Collapses to a 1-Complex Is NP-Complete
* Fast Level-Wise Convolution
* Feature-Driven Direct Non-Rigid Image Registration
* Local Characterization of Strong Surfaces within Strongly Separating Objects
* Mesh Parameterization with Generalized Discrete Conformal Maps
* Monocular Template-Based Reconstruction of Smooth and Inextensible Surfaces
* new local property of strong n-surfaces, A
* Normals and Curvature Estimation for Digital Surfaces Based on Convolutions
* Nurbs Warps
* Simple and Flexible Mesh Parameterization Method, A
* Smooth 2D Coordinate Systems on Discrete Surfaces
* Some Topological Properties of Surfaces in Z3
* Taylor Optimal Kernel for Derivative Etimation
Includes: Malgouyres, R.[Remy] Malgouyres, R.[Rémy] Malgouyres, R.
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