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Maiwald, F.[Ferdinand] Co Author Listing * Fully Automated Pose Estimation of Historical Images in the Context of 4D Geographic Information Systems Utilizing Machine Learning Methods
* Generation of a Benchmark Dataset Using Historical Photographs for An Automated Evaluation of Different Feature Matching Methods
* Geo-information Technologies for a Multimodal Access On Historical Photographs and Maps for Research and Communication in Urban History
* Giving Historical Photographs a New Perspective: Introducing Camera Orientation Parameters as New Metadata in a Large-Scale 4D Application
* Historical Photos and Visualizations: Potential for Research
* Photogrammetric Analysis of Historical Image Repositories for Virtual Reconstruction in the Field of Digital Humanities
* Research and Communication of Urban History in 4D Using Historical Photographs: A Status Report of the Research Group UrbanHistory4D
* Urban History in 4 Dimensions: Supporting Research And Education
Includes: Maiwald, F.[Ferdinand] Maiwald, F.
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