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Mahfoodh, A.T.[Abo Talib] Co Author Listing * Super-resolution for inconsistent scalable video streaming
Includes: Mahfoodh, A.T.[Abo Talib] Mahfoodh, A.T.[Abo-Talib]

Mahfoudhi, A.[Adel] Co Author Listing * Multi-View DCNN Based Method for Breast Cancer Screening, A

Mahfoudi, G.[Gael] Co Author Listing * CMID: A New Dataset for Copy-Move Forgeries on ID Documents
Includes: Mahfoudi, G.[Gael] Mahfoudi, G.[Gaël]

Mahfoudi, M.A.[Mehdi Antoine] Co Author Listing * Emotion Expression in Human Body Posture and Movement: A Survey on Intelligible Motion Factors, Quantification and Validation
Includes: Mahfoudi, M.A.[Mehdi Antoine] Mahfoudi, M.A.[Mehdi-Antoine]

Mahfouf, J.F.[Jean Francois] Co Author Listing * Satellite and In Situ Observations for Advancing Global Earth Surface Modelling: A Review
Includes: Mahfouf, J.F.[Jean Francois] Mahfouf, J.F.[Jean-François]

Mahfouf, M. Co Author Listing * Adaptive General Type-2 Fuzzy Logic Approach for Psychophysiological State Modeling in Real-Time Human-Machine Interfaces, An

Mahfouz, A.E.[Ahmed Essam] Co Author Listing * Fast Localization of the Optic Disc Using Projection of Image Features
* Ultrafast optic disc localization using projection of image features

Mahfouz, D.M.[Dalia M.] Co Author Listing * Development and Evaluation of a Unified Integrated Platoon Control System Architecture

Mahfouz, M. Co Author Listing * See-through-wall imaging using ultra wideband pulse systems

Mahfouz, M.R. Co Author Listing * robust method for registration of three-dimensional knee implant models to two-dimensional fluoroscopy images, A

Mahfuz, S. Co Author Listing * Generating Accurate Pseudo Examples for Continual Learning

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