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MacMahon, H. Co Author Listing * Computerized detection of pulmonary embolism in spiral CT angiography based on volumetric image analysis
* Effects of image preprocessing/resizing on diagnostic quality of compressed medical images
* Image-Processing Technique for Suppressing Ribs in Chest Radiographs by Means of Massive Training Artificial Neural Network (MTANN)
* Relative effects of resolution and quantization on the quality of compressed medical images

MacManus, K.[Kytt] Co Author Listing * High-Resolution Gridded Population Datasets: Exploring the Capabilities of the World Settlement Footprint 2019 Imperviousness Layer for the African Continent
* Suitability of NASA's Black Marble Daily Nighttime Lights for Population Studies at Varying Spatial and Temporal Scales
* Towards an Improved Large-Scale Gridded Population Dataset: A Pan-European Study on the Integration of 3D Settlement Data into Population Modelling

MacMaster, D.[Damien] Co Author Listing * Monitoring the Distribution and Dynamics of an Invasive Grass in Tropical Savanna Using Airborne LiDAR

MacMillan, N.[Neil] Co Author Listing * Range Beacon Placement Problem for Robot Navigation, The
* Range-based Navigation System for a Mobile Robot
* Trajectory Inference Using a Motion Sensing Network

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