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Lugo Beauchamp, W.E. Co Author Listing * Hyper-Spectral Image Processing Applications on the SIMD Pixel Processor for the Digital Battlefield
Includes: Lugo Beauchamp, W.E. Lugo-Beauchamp, W.E.

Lugo Solis, F.R.[Freddy R.] Co Author Listing * Bi-histogram equalization using two plateau limits
Includes: Lugo Solis, F.R.[Freddy R.] Lugo-Solís, F.R.[Freddy R.]

Lugo, H.[Heinz] Co Author Listing * Personalised Controller Strategies for Next Generation Intelligent Adaptive Electric Bicycles

Lugo, J.A.M.[Jose Alberto Mendoza] Co Author Listing * Stay-Green and Associated Vegetative Indices to Breed Maize Adapted to Heat and Combined Heat-Drought Stresses
Includes: Lugo, J.A.M.[Jose Alberto Mendoza] Lugo, J.A.M.[José Alberto Mendoza]

Lugonja, P.[Predrag] Co Author Listing * Lossy Compression of Multispectral Satellite Images with Application to Crop Thematic Mapping: A HEVC Comparative Study
* Remote Sensing of Poplar Phenophase and Leaf Miner Attack in Urban Forests
* Soya Yield Prediction on a Within-Field Scale Using Machine Learning Models Trained on Sentinel-2 and Soil Data
* UAV-Based Land Cover Classification for Hoverfly (Diptera: Syrphidae) Habitat Condition Assessment: A Case Study on Mt. Stara Planina (Serbia)

Lugosi, G. Co Author Listing * Fast nearest-neighbor search in dissimilarity spaces
* Learning with an unreliable teacher
* Learning-Pattern Classification: A Survey
* Lower bounds in pattern recognition and learning
* Nonparametric classification using radial basis function nets and empirical risk minimization
* Probabilistic Theory of Pattern Recognition
Includes: Lugosi, G. Lugosi, G.[Gábor]

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