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Loyo, E.[Estibaliz] Co Author Listing * CogITS: cognition-enabled network management for 5G V2X communication
* Impact of the road network configuration on map-matching algorithms for FCD in urban environments
Includes: Loyo, E.[Estibaliz] Loyo, E.[Estíbaliz]

Loyola Gonzalez, O.[Octavio] Co Author Listing * Bagging-RandomMiner: A one-class classifier for file access-based masquerade detection
* Comparing Quality Measures for Contrast Pattern Classifiers
* Correlation of Resampling Methods for Contrast Pattern Based Classifiers
* Detecting Pneumatic Failures on Temporary Immersion Bioreactors
* Introducing an Experimental Framework in C# for Fingerprint Recognition
* Novel Contrast Pattern Selection Method for Class Imbalance Problems, A
* Towards Inpainting and Denoising Latent Fingerprints: A Study on the Impact in Latent Fingerprint Identification
Includes: Loyola Gonzalez, O.[Octavio] Loyola-González, O.[Octavio] Loyola-Gonzalez, O.[Octavio]
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Loyola, D.[Diego] Co Author Listing * Improvement of EPIC/DSCOVR Image Registration by Means of Automatic Coastline Detection
* Model Selection in Atmospheric Remote Sensing with an Application to Aerosol Retrieval from DSCOVR/EPIC, Part 1: Theory
* Model Selection in Atmospheric Remote Sensing with Application to Aerosol Retrieval from DSCOVR/EPIC. Part 2: Numerical Analysis
* Overview of Neural Network Methods for Predicting Uncertainty in Atmospheric Remote Sensing, An
* Three-Dimensional Distribution of Biomass Burning Aerosols from Australian Wildfires Observed by TROPOMI Satellite Observations

Loyola, D.G.[Diego G.] Co Author Listing * Optimization of Aerosol Model Selection for TROPOMI/S5P

Loyola, L.C.[Laura C.] Co Author Listing * Role of Geoprocessing in Mapping Crime Using Hot Streets, The

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