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Lopresti, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Arbitrarily-Oriented Text Detection in Low Light Natural Scene Images
* Chebyshev-Harmonic-Fourier-Moments and Deep CNNs for Detecting Forged Handwriting
* Document Analysis Algorithm Contributions in End-to-End Applications: Report on the ICDAR 2011 Contest
* Episodic Learning Network for Text Detection on Human Bodies in Sports Images, An
* Forged text detection in video, scene, and document images
* Forgery Quality and Its Implications for Behavioral Biometric Security
* Graph attention network for detecting license plates in crowded street scenes
* Local Gradient Difference Features for Classification of 2D-3D Natural Scene Text Images
* Open Architecture for End-to-End Document Analysis Benchmarking, An
* Pseudo-Signatures as a Biometric
* Secure speech biometric templates for user authentication
* Special Issue on Noisy Text Analytics
* Special Issue on Noisy Text Analytics, II
* Special Issue on Noisy Text Analytics, III
* Toward Resisting Forgery Attacks via Pseudo-Signatures
Includes: Lopresti, D.[Daniel] Lopresti, D.
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Lopresti, D.P.[Daniel P.] Co Author Listing * email: Lopresti, D.P.[Daniel P.]: dlopresti AT bell-labs com
* Alternatives for Page Skew Compensation in Writer Identification
* Ballot mark detection
* Camera-Based Ballot Counter
* Conservative preprocessing of document images
* Document Analysis Support for the Manual Auditing of Elections
* Document Analysis Systems for Digital Libraries: Challenges and Opportunities
* Document Recognition and Retrieval VI
* Document Recognition V
* Effectiveness of Generative Attacks on an Online Handwriting Biometric, The
* Evaluating document analysis results via graph probing
* Evaluating the performance of table processing algorithms
* Evaluation of Voting with Form Dropout Techniques for Ballot Vote Counting
* Exploiting ruling line artifacts in writer identification
* Exploiting WWW Resources in Experimental Document Analysis Research
* Extracting Text from WWW Images
* fast technique for comparing graph representations with applications to performance evaluation, A
* Handwriting recognition research: Twenty years of achievement... and beyond
* Impact of Ruling Lines on Writer Identification, The
* Improving Classifier Performance Through Repeated Sampling
* Ink Matching of Cursive Chinese Handwritten Annotations
* Interactive Document Processing and Digital Libraries
* Maximum-Likelihood Approach to Symbolic Indirect Correlation, A
* Model-Based Ruling Line Detection Algorithm for Noisy Handwritten Documents, A
* Model-based ruling line detection in noisy handwritten documents
* Model-Based Tabular Structure Detection and Recognition in Noisy Handwritten Documents
* Multi-character Field Recognition for Arabic and Chinese Handwriting
* Notes on Contemporary Table Recognition
* Optical character recognition errors and their effects on natural language processing
* Optimal data partition for semi-automated labeling
* Retrieval Strategies for Noisy Text
* Ruling Line Removal in Handwritten Page Images
* Spatial Sampling of Printed Patterns
* String Techniques for Detecting Duplicates in Document Databases
* Style-Based Ballot Mark Recognition
* Table Detection in Noisy Off-line Handwritten Documents
* Table-processing paradigms: a research survey
* Towards Improved Paper-Based Election Technology
* Using Consensus Sequence Voting to Correct OCR Errors
* Validation of Image Defect Models for Optical Character-Recognition
* When is a Problem Solved?
* Why table ground-truthing is hard
Includes: Lopresti, D.P.[Daniel P.] Lopresti, D.P.[Dan P.] Lopresti, D.P.
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