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Lina Co Author Listing * Eigenspace interpolation for appearance-based object recognition
* Interpolation Between Eigenspaces Using Rotation in Multiple Dimensions

Lina, J.M. Co Author Listing * 1/f Noise in Diffuse Optical Imaging and Wavelet-Based Response Estimation
* Image enhancements with symmetric Daubechies' Wavelets
* Image-Processing with Complex Daubechies Wavelets

Linander, H.[Hampus] Co Author Listing * Bayesian Posterior Approximation With Stochastic Ensembles

Linard, C.[Catherine] Co Author Listing * Mapping 20 Years of Urban Expansion in 45 Urban Areas of Sub-Saharan Africa
* Modelling the Wealth Index of Demographic and Health Surveys within Cities Using Very High-Resolution Remotely Sensed Information
* Multi-Satellite Environmental and Socioeconomic Predictors of Vector-Borne Diseases in African Cities: Malaria as an Example, The
* Supervised Classification of Built-Up Areas in Sub-Saharan African Cities Using Landsat Imagery and OpenStreetMap
* Transformative Urban Changes of Beijing in the Decade of the 2000s

Linardos, A.[Akis] Co Author Listing * DeepGaze IIE: Calibrated prediction in and out-of-domain for state-of-the-art saliency modeling

Linares Barranco, A. Co Author Listing * Within-Camera Multilayer Perceptron DVS Denoising
Includes: Linares Barranco, A. Linares-Barranco, A.

Linares Barranco, B.[Bernabe] Co Author Listing * Advanced Vision Processing Systems: Spike-Based Simulation and Processing
* Efficient Feedforward Categorization of Objects and Human Postures with Address-Event Image Sensors
* Event based vision sensing and processing
* Introduction and Analysis of an Event-Based Sign Language Dataset
* Mapping from Frame-Driven to Frame-Free Event-Driven Vision Systems by Low-Rate Rate Coding and Coincidence Processing: Application to Feedforward ConvNets
* Performance comparison of DVS data spatial downscaling methods using Spiking Neural Networks
* Retinomorphic Event-Based Vision Sensors: Bioinspired Cameras With Spiking Output
* Smart Traffic Navigation System for Fault-Tolerant Edge Computing of Internet of Vehicle in Intelligent Transportation Gateway
* Spike-Based Convolutional Network for Real-Time Processing
* Spiking Hough for Shape Recognition
Includes: Linares Barranco, B.[Bernabe] Linares-Barranco, B.[Bernabe] Linares-Barranco, B. Linares-Barranco, B.[Bernabé]
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Linares Pellicer, J.[Jordi] Co Author Listing * Segmentation of Nanocolumnar Crystals from Microscopic Images
Includes: Linares Pellicer, J.[Jordi] Linares-Pellicer, J.[Jordi]

Linares, D.[Diego] Co Author Listing * Performance of a SCFG-Based Language Model with Training Data Sets of Increasing Size

Linares, G.[Georges] Co Author Listing * Feature selection using Principal Component Analysis for massive retweet detection
* Topic Modeling Based Representation to Detect Tweet Locations. Example of the Event Je Suis Charlie, A
Includes: Linares, G.[Georges] Linarès, G.[Georges] Linarès, G.

Linares, O.A.C.[Oscar A.C.] Co Author Listing * Segmentation of large images based on super-pixels and community detection in graphs

Linares, O.C.[Oscar Cuadros] Co Author Listing * Automatic image segmentation based on label propagation
* Mandible and skull segmentation in cone beam computed tomography using super-voxels and graph clustering
* Segmenting Cellular Retinal Images by Optimizing Super-Pixels, Multi-Level Modularity, and Cell Boundary Representation
Includes: Linares, O.C.[Oscar Cuadros] Linares, O.C.

Linares, P.[Patricia] Co Author Listing * Automatic Parametrization and Shadow Analysis of Roofs in Urban Areas from ALS Point Clouds with Solar Energy Purposes
* Automatic Parametrization of Urban Areas Using ALS Data: The Case Study of Santiago de Compostela
Includes: Linares, P.[Patricia] Liñares, P.[Patricia]

Linares, R.[Richard] Co Author Listing * On-Orbit Inspection of an Unknown, Tumbling Target using NASA's Astrobee Robotic Free-Flyers

Linas, J.[James] Co Author Listing * Handbook of Multisensor Data Fusion

Linaza, M.T.[Maria Teresa] Co Author Listing * Capturing the Sporting Heroes of Our Past by Extracting 3D Movements from Legacy Video Content
* Contextualised learning-free three-dimensional body pose estimation from two-dimensional body features in monocular images
* Reusing Multimedia Content for the Creation of Interactive Experiences in Cultural Institutions
Includes: Linaza, M.T.[Maria Teresa] Linaza, M.T.

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