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Lika, M.[Miroslav] Co Author Listing * Material Identification Using Laser Spectroscopy and Pattern Recognition Algorithms

Likamwa, R.[Robert] Co Author Listing * Software-Defined Imaging: A Survey

Likar, B.[Bostjan] Co Author Listing * 2D Sub-pixel Point Spread Function Measurement Using a Virtual Point-Like Source
* 3-D/2-D Registration by Integrating 2-D Information in 3-D
* 3-D/2-D registration of CT and MR to X-ray images
* 3D-2D Registration of Cerebral Angiograms: A Method and Evaluation on Clinical Images
* Automated Tracking of Vesicles in Phase Contrast Microscopy Images
* Automated visual inspection of imprint quality of pharmaceutical tablets
* Automated visual inspection of pharmaceutical tablets in heavily cluttered dynamic environments
* Automatic cutting plane identification for computer-aided analysis of intracranial aneurysms
* Comparison of Retrospective Shading Correction Techniques, A
* Computer-Assisted Screw Size and Insertion Trajectory Planning for Pedicle Screw Placement Surgery
* Enhancement of Vascular Structures in 3D and 2D Angiographic Images
* Evaluation of nine similarity measures used in rigid registration
* Evaluation of Similarity Measures for Non-rigid Registration
* Fast and Robust 3D to 2D Image Registration by Backprojection of Gradient Covariances
* Framework for Automated Spine and Vertebrae Interpolation-Based Detection and Model-Based Segmentation, A
* Game-Theoretic Framework for Landmark-Based Image Segmentation, A
* Groupwise Registration of Multimodal Images by an Efficient Joint Entropy Minimization Scheme
* hierarchical approach to elastic registration based on mutual information, A
* Image registration for visual inspection of imprinted pharmaceutical tablets
* In-line recognition of agglomerated pharmaceutical pellets with density-based clustering and convolutional neural network
* Model based visual inspection of pharmaceutical tablets with photometric stereo
* New Image Database for 3D/2D Registration Based on the Visible Human Data Set, A
* Pose estimation of textureless objects in cluttered environments
* Print registration for automated visual inspection of transparent pharmaceutical capsules
* Protocol for Evaluation of Similarity Measures for Rigid Registration, A
* Quad-tree Based Entropy Estimator for Fast and Robust Brain Image Registration
* Real-Time automated visual inspection of color tablets in pharmaceutical blisters
* Real-time image segmentation for visual inspection of pharmaceutical tablets
* Real-time pose estimation of rigid objects in heavily cluttered environments
* Review of Methods for Correction of Intensity Inhomogeneity in MRI, A
* Robust Estimation of Unbalanced Mixture Models on Samples with Outliers
* Robust Gradient-Based 3-D/2-D Registration of CT and MR to X-Ray Images
* Robust Mixture-Parameter Estimation for Unsupervised Segmentation of Brain MR Images
* Segmentation of Pathological Structures by Landmark-Assisted Deformable Models
* Shape Representation for Efficient Landmark-Based Segmentation in 3-D
Includes: Likar, B.[Bostjan] Likar, B.[Boštjan] Likar, B.
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Likas, A. Co Author Listing * Bayesian Framework for Image Segmentation With Spatially Varying Mixtures, A
* Bayesian Kernel Methods for Analysis of Functional Neuroimages
* Elimination of Outliers from 2-D Point Sets Using the Helmholtz Principle
* Fast and efficient vanishing point detection in indoor images
* Global sampling of image edges
* Identifying touching and overlapping chromosomes using the watershed transform and gradient paths
* MinMax k-Means clustering algorithm, The
* Mixture model analysis of DNA microarray images
* mixtures of Student's t-distributions as a robust framework for rigid registration, The
* Multi-Threshold LIP Contour Detection
* Probabilistic relevance feedback approach for content-based image retrieval based on gaussian mixture models
* Probabilistic shape-based image indexing and retrieval
* Real time visual tracking using a spatially weighted von Mises mixture model
* Relevance feedback approach for image retrieval combining support vector machines and adapted gaussian mixture models
* Rigid Image Registration based on Pixel Grouping
* Robust Image Registration using Mixtures of t-distributions
* UU-test for statistical modeling of unimodal data, The
* Variational Bayesian Blind Image Deconvolution with Student-T Priors
* Variational Bayesian Sparse Kernel-Based Blind Image Deconvolution With Student's-t Priors
* variational method for bayesian blind image deconvolution, A
* Visual tracking using spatially weighted likelihood of Gaussian mixtures
* Visual tracking using the Earth Mover's Distance between Gaussian mixtures and Kalman filtering
Includes: Likas, A. Likas, A.[Aristidis]
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Likas, A.C.[Aristidis C.] Co Author Listing * Bayesian Feature and Model Selection for Gaussian Mixture Models
* Bayesian Restoration Using a New Nonstationary Edge-Preserving Image Prior
* Class conditional density estimation using mixtures with constrained component sharing
* Class-Adaptive Spatially Variant Mixture Model for Image Segmentation, A
* clustering method based on boosting, A
* global k-means clustering algorithm, The
* Image Modeling and Segmentation Using Incremental Bayesian Mixture Models
* Key-Frame Extraction Using Weighted Multi-view Convex Mixture Models and Spectral Clustering
* Maximum a Posteriori Image Restoration Based on a New Directional Continuous Edge Image Prior
* Movie segmentation into scenes and chapters using locally weighted bag of visual words
* Non stationary Bayesian image restoration
* Scene Detection in Videos Using Shot Clustering and Sequence Alignment
* Simultaneous detection of abrupt cuts and dissolves in videos using support vector machines
* Variational Bayesian Image Restoration Based on a Product of t-Distributions Image Prior
* Weighted multi-view key-frame extraction
Includes: Likas, A.C.[Aristidis C.] Likas, A.C.
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